Highlights of January 10 Council meeting

January 11, 2022

Farm worker housing

Council agreed to forward an application to the Agricultural Land Commission for temporary farm worker housing to accommodate 48 seasonal workers at 3700 Pooley Road. The 20-hectare property is a cherry orchard and one of a number owned by Jealous Fruits, one of the largest cherry producers in Canada.

Community Trends report

Council received the 2021 Community Trends Report, Housing unaffordability: crisis or crossroads. The report explores local impacts of trends, how they might impact the community in the years ahead, and what could be done in response, allowing for early consideration of where policy and action may be directed in the future. This year’s report focuses on the steep rise in real estate prices in Kelowna, particularly over the past year, and the impact this price rise has on the affordability of housing for Kelowna residents.

Official Community Plan

Kelowna 2040 – Official Community Plan was officially adopted by Council, after it was approved by the Minister of Agriculture in December 2021. The 2040 OCP provides a policy framework for Council by addressing issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development, and the natural and social environment, and how the city should grow over the next 20 years.