Cultural Plan

2020-2025 Cultural Plan cover

2020-2025 Cultural Plan 

Council endorsed the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan on Sept. 16, 2019. This plan sets priorities for the enhancement of cultural vitality and community spaces, and aligns with the Imagine Kelowna goal of an engaging arts and culture scene. Most importantly, this plan sets a course for the creative sector to provide accessible, diverse and inclusive experiences, use resources effectively, leverage opportunities, and be innovative and forward thinking. The plan also highlights the value of partnerships and cooperation.

The next phase of cultural development in Kelowna will bring about new programs, relationships, commitments and support.

We all have a role to play, what's yours?

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Cultural Plan Progress Report Card

The bi-annual Cultural Plan Progress Report Card reviews the progress made toward strategic outcomes in the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan. This report card covers a period of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

Get inspired by the by the artists, performers, community leaders and citizens that have helped to shape our Cultural Plan progress to date.

Read the progress report card

2020-2025 Cultural Plan timeline
Cultural Plan start up

July 16, 2018

In July 2018, we officially began the process of updating the Cultural Plan. Review the Report to Council to learn more about the Cultural Plan engagement process.

Visioning survey - Completed

July 16 to Sept. 3, 2018

We sought your feedback on how the community defines and experiences culture. Questions focused on defining culture, what parts of culture are going well in Kelowna, where people participate in culture and any room for improvements. Survey responses helped us develop an understanding of what culture means to the community, what the community enjoys and what the community would like to see more of.

Goals and strategies survey and events - Completed

Sept. 15, 2018 to March 31, 2019

We sought community input on the 2012-2017 Cultural Plan's goals, how they are prioritized and if anything needed to be added. We also collected feedback on strategies about how to work toward the goal; what can we, along with residents, organizations or businesses do?

Host Your Own Engagement events & grants - Completed

Jan. 14 to March 31, 2019

We invited individuals, organizations, businesses and collectives of diverse histories and practices to play an active part in the process of shaping the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan by “Hosting Your Own Engagement” event with their staff, board, volunteers, members or the general public.

A total of 13 conversations received grants but many more conversations occurred. The conversations were held in many different forms and drilled down into a variety of important topics such as live music, literary arts and integrating culture with well-being.

Information collected from these events will be used in the development of the goals and strategies.

Thank you to all of our "Host Your Own Engagement" hosts!

  • BC Interior Jazz Festival
  • Cental Okanagan Heritage Society
  • Craig Siemens and Kris Hargrave
  • Dena Milanese
  • Festivals Kelowna
  • Inspired Word Cafe Society
  • Jo McKechnie
  • Kelowna Arts Council
  • Kelowna Art Gallery
  • Kelowna Community Resources
  • Kelowna Museums Society
  • Kelowna Visual and Performing Arts Centre Society
  • New Vintage Theatre Society
  • Okanagan coLab
  • Tourism Kelowna
  • UBCO African Caribbean Student Club

If you're interested in learning more about the Host Your Own program, check out the Host Your Own Event Program Guidelines and read through the Frequently Asked Questions.


Confirmation & commitment engagement - Completed

July 19 to Aug. 5, 2019

A draft of the Cultural Plan was completed, and we brought it to the community for feedback. Items for feedback included the vision, guiding principles, key themes, goals and strategies. Feedback was collected in-person at a variety of events around the community, and an online survey and discussion platform.

Information collected from these events will be used to solidify the major components of the Cultural Plan and assist in the preparation of a final draft. We went to Council in September to seek its endorsement of the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan.

Moving forward - On-going

Chat with the community and let us know what role you are going to play in the plan by participating in the online discussion forum.

Share the Plan grant program

We invite individuals, organizations, businesses and collectives of diverse histories and practices to play an active part in the process of sharing and implementing the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan by hosting a “Share the Plan” event with your staff, board, volunteers, members, friends or the general public. A “Share the Plan” Event Grant is intended to support you to host a conversation about the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan and report your thoughts and ideas back to us.

For more information about the program, check out the Share the Plan grant program guidelines.

Thanks to all our Share the Plan hosts!

  • The Arts Council for the Central Okanagan
  • Craig Siemens and the Music Industry Hangout
  • Kelowna Taiwanese Cultural Society
  • New Vintage Theatre

Need help running your event? We have a handy Share the Plan Event Toolkit for you! Contact for more information on the tools we can offer.

2020-25 Cultural Plan supplementary reports
Cultural Plan Capstone Project: Data analysis

With support from the University of British Columbia Okanagan, we used data analytics and machine learning to identify trends, patterns and insights into citizen's engagements with culture in Kelowna from an unbiased lens. These outcomes helped developed the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan.

Capstone Project Summary

Creative sector economic impact assessment

In support of the development of the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan, a consultant was hired to complete an economic impact study of the creative sector of Kelowna. The assessment includes analysis of available statistical data, a confidential online survey and information from public sources to generate estimates of employment, revenue and income.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Kelowna’s creative sector more than doubled in size from 2009 to 2018
  • 1.5 million people per year, or just over 4,000 people per day on average, attend some type of cultural facility or event
  • 3,168 full time employees work in the creative sector, up from 1,279 in 2009
  • 60% of those working in the creative sector are self employed
  • In 2018 alone, 380,000 volunteer hours were contributed to arts, culture and heritage organizations
  • There are 626 creative sector establishments in 2018, up from 342 in 2009
  • The creative sector saw an income growth of 43% from 2009-2018

Kelowna Creative Sector Economic Impact Assessment Report

Slides from Kelowna Creative Sector Economic Impact Presentation

Weaving our collective threads

The Cultural Plan is an opportunity to increase the visual presence of syilx creativity in our community. Therefore, as part of the process of engagement for the Cultural Plan, we initiated a conversation with Carrie Terbasket of Stands Above Consulting, who supported us to begin this journey of open dialogue and discussion with the syilx arts and culture community.

The purpose was to receive guidance toward establishing meaningful and deliberate syilx/Okanagan inclusion within the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan through applicable background information and recommendations for consideration. The scope of work was limited to recommendations specific to the advancement of arts, culture and heritage by the creative sector of Kelowna (inclusive of the City of Kelowna as an entity).

It’s acknowledged that this work is only a starting point to the commitment and long-term organic process by the arts and culture sector toward reconciliation. The report is only intended as input and the recommendations are considered along with all feedback received from the community. The importance of partnership with our First Nations is a worthwhile and a long-term commitment to relationship building.

Weaving our collective threads: Full report


Cultural Facilities Master Plan

The Cultural Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) builds on prior efforts to strengthen commitment to cultural facility development.
Learn more about the CFMP on our Cultural District page, or view the full Cultural Facilities Master Plan here

2012-2017 Cultural Plan

Kelowna's first Cultural Plan (2012-2017) was launched in 2012 to encourage and integrate local culture within all neighbourhoods of Kelowna. Starting in 2018 through to July 2019, we reviewed the progress made based on the plan’s goals. Based on our findings, we produced the 2012-2017 Cultural Plan Report Card to demonstrate the progress our community has made toward achieving the goals of the 2012-2017 Cultural Plan.