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Last Updated: 
January 10, 2022

Kelowna's 2040 Official Community Plan

How our city grows is shaped by the 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP), which has recently been updated to plan for the next 20 years. Once adopted, the 2040 OCP will provide a policy framework for Council by addressing issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development and the natural and social environment. It's a plan that sets a strategic course for how our city should grow, prioritizing areas, decision and policies that our citizens have told us they want to focus on through Imagine Kelowna and OCP engagement opportunities.


The Big Picture

Dive into a summary of the highlights and key pillars of Kelowna's 2040 Official Community Plan


Growth Strategy Districts

Urban Centres, the Core Area, Suburban Neighbourhoods, Rural Lands and the Gateway


Citywide Policies

Explore policies that apply citywide including parks, equity, climate and infrastructure


Future Land Use

Land designations, a visual guide to how we are planning for the future


Development Permit Guidelines

Key guiding information about development form and character for all build types


Making the Plan Work

Policies and information about implementing the plan