Artist in Residence program

Our Artist in Residence program broadens the community’s experience with arts and cultureand stimulates thoughtful conversations on local topics. 

The Artist in Residence will:  

  • Engage with the community in the context of arts and culture; 
  • Create a work of art for the City of Kelowna; and 
  • Address the topic of the environment and/or climate change through community engagement and the work of art. 

The program aligns with our goals outlined in the 2020-2025 Cultural Plan including "share our story” and "broaden the reach.” 

Artist in Residence Guidelines

Apply Here 

Application Process - Open until July 15th

As described in the program guidelines, the selection process occurs in two phases, with a limited number of artists chosen to advance to Phase 2. Learn more about the phases and the timeline below.

Phase 1: Expression of Interest

Phase 1 of the program is the evaluation of the artist and their suitability for the program. It also gives the applicant a chance to briefly give an overview of their potential project. Expressions of interest forms are assessed based on the information submitted by the artist. 

For more information on assessment criteria, view the program guidelines.

Phase 2: Project proposal

Phase 2 is only open to artists selected to advance and will be an evaluation of their projects and demonstration of a feasible plan to complete the project. The interview during this phase will serve as an additional assessment of the artist and the proposed project. All artists or artist collectives invited into Phase 2 will receive an honorarium of $500.If applying as an artist collective, the collective will receive an honorarium of $500 in total.

For more information on assessment criteria, view the program guidelines

Artist in Residence timeline

Current Artist in Residence - Lucas Glen

M.A.S.S.I.V.E., abbreviated for Make-shift Anthropocene Symbiosis Station and Interface for Vibrant Exchange, is a mobile, interactive art installation made from repurposed materials by Kelowna-based artist, Lucas Glenn. Installed at various parks in the fall of 2024, M.A.S.S.I.V.E. features a mobile station with small, interactive eco-contraptions made to help humans and nonhumans adapt to a changing climate.

Components are made to look like science-fiction equipment, but are fashioned from found materials like scrap metal, backpacks, Nerf guns, tin cans, and D.I.Y. electronics. Free-standing, strapped to a tree, or attached to a fence-post, the objects encourage visitors to connect with the more-than-human world by pouring water, activating a sound, collecting a drawing, or catching seeds. Supporting these “interfaces” is a utility trailer, repurposed as a stripped down workshop and solar-generating station, where the artist will be on-site to facilitate.

Project launch will be Fall 2024. Photo credits: Asha Hannan

About The Artist

Lucas Glenn (b. 1992, Winfield, BC) is a writer and emerging artist working in installation, digital media, and drawing. Glenn is interested in taking nature-dominating tools and repurposing them as objects for ecological support and care.

His work retools imagery, waste, and industrial equipment to create sporty irrigation systems, rugged compost shelters, and detail-rich dioramas. He attributes his resourceful, D.I.Y. approach to his upbringing in small-town BC.

Glenn received his BFA from University of British Columbia and his MFA from University of Victoria, where he received awards from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the British Columbia Arts Council. He continues to exhibit independent and collaborative projects throughout Western Canada.


Past projects
Patrick Lundeen

Patrick Lundeen was selected as the 2022 Artist in Residence. His project was called Happy Day Free Gift Truck.  

The Project 

The HAPPY DAY FREE GIFT TRUCK was a mobile gift-giving unit and temporary public art installation that was parked in the Rotary Commons (between the Rotary Centre for the Arts and the Kelowna Art Gallery) every Saturday, from October 15th- November 19th, 2022

The HAPPY DAY FREE GIFT TRUCK offered free gifts to the citizens and visitors to radiate good energy, discourage social isolation and class stratification and to connect the public with important local arts and non-profit organizations. HAPPY DAY FREE GIFT TRUCK encouraged public engagement and social interaction, embodied generosity, did not discriminate, and welcomed all comers!

The Artist 

Patrick Lundeen is an artist born in Lethbridge, AB (traditional Blackfoot Confederacy territory). He currently lives and works in Kelowna (the unceded territory of the syilx/Okanagan People) teaching drawing, painting and sculpture at UBC Okanagan and sits on the board of directors at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art. His artistic interests span traditional visual art making mediums and extend to include sound art, music, food, performance and now public art. His approach to visual art employs humour, sensory experience and a rough and visceral aesthetic to illicit a complex response from viewers.

In addition to visual art, Patrick is also a dubiously talented musician and released a 5th music project called “CHEAP!” on vinyl. 

To learn more about Patrick, visit his website

Lady Dia

Lady Dia was selected as the 2021 Artist in Residence. Her project was called The Jam: Using Ubuntu to explore a community centered approach to discuss and shape the future of a more inclusive Kelowna with our community. 

The Project

This project - through the philosophy of Ubuntu - used the art of ‘the Jam’ to engage Kelowna in imagining and realizing a more inclusive city, by creating more space for greater diversity of stories and cultural expression in public art spaces. Centering art, Lady Dia created programming for children (ages 5 -12) and youth (ages 13 - 20) to explore lessons from the ‘Jam’ and its application in listening to voices of others and understanding the role of one's voice in the greater community.

The Artist

Lady Dia is a Lozi woman from Bartoseland residing in Kelowna. She is a mother, a wife, and performance artist who obtained an undergraduate degree in Indigenous Studies at UBC-O. As the Artist in Resident she focused on true inclusivity and space making for the I-BPOC creatives.  


Melany Nugent-Noble

Melany Nugent-Noble was selected as the 2020 Artist in Residence. Her project was called When it is necessary to stand still.

The Project

Nugent-Noble presented her project When it is necessary to stand still over a 12-week period from July 7 to Sept. 30, 2020. The project included the building and programming of 25 distance-detecting, light beacons. The beacons changed in intensity and colour as they detected other beacons moving around them. Kelowna residents were invited to sign-up to take the beacon with them as they moved throughout the community for a three-day period.

To learn more about the project, visit the project website.

The Artist

Melany Nugent-Noble is a Canadian artist currently based out of Kelowna. Nugent-Noble’s research and practice regularly engages with the political nature of public spaces, texts and speeches, and takes various forms including installation, art books and performance. 

To learn more about Nugent-Noble's practice, visit her website.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of artist(s) are we seeking?

An artist or collective of artists working in interdisciplinary art, social practice art, digital or electronic art, installation, visual art (photography, film and video, painting, print-making, drawing, sculpture, crafting), performance arts (theatre, dance, etc.), music (creation, production, performance) or writing. 

Do I need to live in Kelowna to apply?

Applications are open to anyone living in the Central Okanagan for more than one year. However, the selected artist or artistic group will be required to work in Kelowna for the duration of the project.  

Can I apply as a team of artists?

Yes, you may apply as a collective of artists. There are a few points to keep in mind:  

  • Each artist must still fill out and submit their own expression of interest form (except for the project description component, as only one is needed per collective) 
  • Artist collectives advancing to Phase 2 will receive an honorarium totalling $500, not $500 per artist 
When will I hear back about my expression of interest form?

Only those selected to advance to Phase 2 will be contacted. 

Where will the artist be living?

This is not a live-in residency. The artist selected will receive $12,000, inclusive of any fees or taxes.  

Where will the artist be working?

The artist will be working within the city of Kelowna. The exact location of the artist, the community engagement and the works created will be dependent on the nature of the project. Cultural Services staff will be available to support the selected artist in finding a location suitable for their project.