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We have an inventory and maps of environmentally sensitive areas including creeks, wetlands, Okanagan Lake foreshore, grasslands and old growth forests. Twenty-seven creeks and 278 wetlands have been identified within the city.  

The value of the natural environment to residents has been confirmed over the years as part of a number of public consultation processes including the Official Community Plan update (2011) and Citizens Survey (2012). Residents have stated that the protection of the environment is a priority.

Inventory and Mapping reports are available for each of the following:

What is this inventory used for?

The Wetlands Inventory generates extensive benefits for the City and the public in terms of current and long range planning. These inventories help us, the development community and residents better protect, improve and enhance our environmentally sensitive ecosystems. 

Why is it important?

The Central Okanagan basin is an area of great ecological significance within British Columbia and Canada. Our area is biologically diverse with numerous plant and animal species and contains many rare and endangered ecosystems. 

The Central Okanagan also has the highest human population density in the interior of British Columbia and continues to grow rapidly. This area has also been subject to intense agricultural and development pressure leading to the division and damage of these precious ecosystems.