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We're working to create vibrant urban centres, a balanced transportation network and an inclusive community. Infrastructure projects improve and maintain outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges. 

The Abbott Street protected bike lane project is comprised of bi-directional bike lanes separated from pedestrians and vehicles.

Est. cost: $1.9 million
Est. start: Summer/ Fall 2022
Est. end: TBD

Bike lanes have been installed on Academy Way between Mustang Crt and Shetland Rd to complete a gap in the existing bike lanes.

Est. cost: $ 30,000
Est. start: Spring 2022
Est. end: Summer 2022

Improvements to Strathcona Beach Park amenities are planned in order to remove obstacles and improve access to all ages and abilities.

Est. cost: $110,000
Est. start: Fall 2021
Est. end: Fall 2021

This project was identified as a priority neighbourhood park within the DCC program, as the surrounding area has witnessed significant re

Est. cost: $1.56 million
Est. start: Fall 2022
Est. end: Spring 2023

Resurfacing of roadway pavement in coordination with bike lane project.

Project overview

Est. cost: $5.5 million
Est. start: Spring 2022
Est. end: 2023

Replacing the old PRV with a new one in an above ground kiosk to meet fire flow requirements and current safety standards.

Est. cost: $200,000
Est. start: June 2022
Est. end: July 2022

The sidewalk project along Cameron Avenue, Rhondda Crescent, and Morrison Avenue spans between Gordon Drive and Ethel Street.

Est. cost: $360,000
Est. start: Summer
Est. end: Fall

Design of the Casorso Active Transportation Corridor (ATC) from KLO to Barrera commenced in 2021.