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We're working to create vibrant urban centres, a balanced transportation network and an inclusive community. Infrastructure projects improve and maintain outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges. Find out what’s happening in your community by viewing the 2020 Capital Projects story map or navigating through the map below and filtering by project type.

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The sidewalk project on Badke Road connects the gap on the north side, west of Franklyn Road.

Est. cost: $15,000
Est. start: Summer 2020
Est. end: Fall 2020

A playground was constructed at the south end of the park in 2019.  In 2020 a sidewalk will be constructed along the Barlee and Agassiz R

Est. cost: $130,000
Est. start: March 2020
Est. end: June 2020

Concrete sidewalk will be constructed on the south side of Belgo Road, from Rutland Road to Lucas Court.

Est. cost: $200,000
Est. start: Spring 2020
Est. end: Summer 2020

The watermain crossing under Bellevue Creek near Varney Ct. is threatened by erosion during flood flows.

Est. cost: $250,000
Est. start: July 2020
Est. end: September 2020

Requirements of rezoning for the Central Green development included the construction of a pedestrian overpass across Highway 97.

Est. cost: $375,000

This project involves replacement and upgrading of the plaza and walkway where the main pathway from Lakeshore Drive meets the waterfront

Est. cost: $200,000
Est. start: Jan 2020
Est. end: Oct 2020

Sanitary Forcemain Upgrade - Pandosy to Ethel;
Water Main replacement w/ respective services - Richter to Ethel;

Est. cost: $1.6M
Est. start: Fall 2020
Est. end: Spring 2021

The City of Kelowna is committed to protecting the health and diversity of our wetlands.  The Chichester Forebay Treatment project will s

Est. cost: $230,000
Est. start: Spring 2021
Est. end: Summer 2021

The project is tentatively planned to include curb extensions, bus stop improvement, and road marking adjustments.

Est. cost: $50,000
Est. start: Spring 2020
Est. end: Summer 2020