Public art

Public Art Plan development underway

The City is developing a Public Art Plan to set a direction for public art, create opportunities for artists, and make sure the highest standards are being followed from commissioning to conservation.

The Public Art Plan will:

Articulate the ambitions and principles for public art

This is the big picture and will provide a direction and tone for public art in Kelowna. The principles are values, and they will guide everything that happens in public art.

Identify public art priorities

The priorities will reflect best practice standards, context, engagement, resources, and alignment with other City plans and strategies. These priorities will support decision-making as it relates to public art.

Set parameters

Clear parameters support thoughtful and informed decisions about public art. They communicate the scope and possibilities for the public art program and Public Art Plan.

Establish a Public Art Policy

The Plan will inform a draft Public Art Policy, which is the administrative mechanism that guides and facilitates the funding and management of public art in Kelowna.

Create an implementation and action plan

The Plan will include an action plan and draft commissioning and collection management procedures, based on best practices and tailored to Kelowna’s unique context.

Engagement for the Public Art Plan was initiated through the spring Parks Master Plan survey and will continue throughout 2023.

If you would like to be kept informed about this project and the associated engagement opportunities, please use the sign-up link at the bottom of the page and check the Arts and Culture box.

Public Art Program

The City’s Public Art Program was established through a 1997 Council resolution.  The goal of program is to culturally enrich public spaces, in line with Imagine Kelowna and the future vision of our city. Public art plays an important role in shaping both the collective identity and personal experience of our city. 

Our public art collection

Our collection currently includes over 70 public artworks located throughout Kelowna, with a diverse mix of installations: 

View public art 

Artwork is created specifically to be located in a public space and accessible to everyone. We encourage you to experience our public art collection first-hand. You can also view our public art collection: 


The Public Art Program operates through an annual City budget of $130,000. The Program supports numerous initiatives: 

  • Commissioning of civic public art in existing locations and as part of new capital projects
  • Grant funding support for community art administered through the City’s Cultural Services department
  • Exhibitions of temporary art in public spaces curated by organizations outside the City
Public Art initiatives

A Public Art update is presented to Council outlining all active and proposed projects and funding initiatives. 

Capital project public art

When a public art component is considered for a new capital project, the feasibility is reviewed and appropriateness of incorporating a site-specific integrated public artwork. Funding can be included within the capital project’s budget or partially funded from the Public Art Reserve. The amount of the reserve supplement is determined by Council on a project-by-project basis.

Community Art Grant Program

The Community Art Grant Program is a sub-program within the Public Art Program and administered through Cultural Services. The aim of the program is to nurture a collaborative process between practicing artists and the community. It encourages the creation of publicly accessible artworks, fosters community pride and identity and reflects the diversity of the community. The process is just as important as the artistic product or outcome. The creative process allows the community to creatively express its needs and aspirations. 

Non-profit organizations that operate within Kelowna, as well as individual, groups or collectives of local professional artists, are eligible to apply for a community grant. Visit  Cultural grants for application information. 

Temporary art in public places

The Public Art Program encourages public art through funding support to organizations - such as the Kelowna Art Gallery - to curate, create and temporarily exhibit artwork in high-profile, publicly accessible locations. The goal of the initiative is to broaden the scope and appeal of the Public Art Program by: 

  • Helping animate Kelowna’s public spaces through a constantly changing and continuing variety of art installations that will add a dynamic element to Kelowna’s urban environment
  • Enhancing the Public Art Program’s profile by providing opportunities for emerging and established local, national and international artists to feature work through temporary projects
  • Promoting a greater appreciation for contemporary public art practices
  • Helping to foster a sense of community through the sharing of common experiences focusing on public art

Proposals are to be submitted to the City’s Public Art Coordinator for evaluation and selection. Only one proposal per year will be selected based on the proposal’s merit. Artwork is expected to remain on display for a minimum of six months and no longer than 12 months. 

Commissioning of new public art

The City has adopted a two-stage selection process. The first stage is a request for qualifications in which artists are asked to submit examples of their past work and provide a brief written statement outlining their experience, background and interest relevant to the public art opportunity.

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A jury comprised of members from the Public Art Roster will shortlist up to five artists to participate in submitting a concept proposal for a new artwork as part of the second stage. A final artist will be determined by the same jury based on the merit of their proposal, with remaining artists receiving an honorarium for their efforts.

In specific circumstances and locations, the City may choose to sole source a particular artist for the commission, and will do so in collaboration with the Public Art Roster.