Climate action

As Council recently heard,  Kelowna's greenhouse gas emissions are over 642,000 tonnes with the bulk of emissions coming from vehicles (55%), followed by buildings (36%) and waste (9%).

Kelowna's Community Climate Action Plan outlines actions to reduce emissions to help achieve the Official Community Plan goal of reducing community greenhouse gases by 33% below 2007 levels by 2020. Implementing the initiatives will also make Kelowna a stronger, more resilient community with healthier, more active citizens.

To be successful, we will have to work with senior government, utility companies and major stakeholders to provide new programs, opportunities, infrastructure and incentives.  

We are also leading by example. We demonstrated our commitment to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions by signing the Provincial Climate Action Charter.  Several initiatives are in progress including a Corporate Energy and GHG Emissions Reduction Plan, retrofits of buildings, greening the vehicle fleet and landfill gas collection.  We are also working on numerous active transportation projects and exploring district energy to provide the community the infrastructure to help lower emissions.

We report annually to the Province on all the projects and programs we  are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both as a corporation and in the community.

You can learn more about one of our successes in an article recently published by the BC Climate Action Toolkit highlighting Kelowna's new Push Button technology that uses wireless technology for detecting cyclists at road intersections and increased cyclist safety at a fraction of the cost of traditional push buttons.

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