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The Citizen Survey is conducted to determine how satisfied the public is with municipal programs and services, and to learn what citizens’ service priorities are. Responses are weighted by age, gender and city-wide distribution to accurately reflect Kelowna’s population. Results are benchmarked against other local governments. Insights gained by this research help us make important decisions regarding planning, budgeting and service improvements.

2022 Citizen Survey results


The latest Citizen Survey reports that:

  • 92% of citizens have a good quality of life
  • 91% of citizens are satisfied with the overall level and quality of City services
  • 89% of citizens agree that the City is inclusive and accepting of all
  • 87% of citizens feel safe in the community
  • 85% of citizens were satisfied with the customer service they received from the City 
  • 79% of citizens believe they receive good value for their tax dollars

Important issues for citizens include addressing social issues such as homelessness, mental health and addiction (79 per cent), encouraging a diverse supply of housing options at different price points (67 per cent) and drinking water (65 per cent). Citizens prioritize infrastructure renewal over building new by a margin of nearly two-to-one.

Areas of strength include fire and police services, drinking water quality for City Water Utility customers, community cleanliness, road maintenance and snow removal. Areas of improvement identified are traffic flow management, addressing climate change and public transit.

Citizens were also asked how COVID-19 has impacted them. Forty-eight per cent of citizens have increased their use of parks and outdoor spaces over the past six months, 32 per cent are finding it challenging to meet their financial obligations and 18 per cent would like mandatory/more enforcement of mask use.

Past citizen survey results