Male Athlete of the Year Award

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to the male athlete (amateur or professional) who brought the greatest amount of recognition to Kelowna.
  • Include Provincial, National and World Ranking if applicable.
  • Selections are based on the nominees achievements for the year 2018.
  • Past information (awards and achievements) may be included, but should be primarily regarding the current award year.
  • Finalist selections are based solely on the information in the completed package.

2017 Male Athlete of the Year Award Recipient

Grant Shephard

Look up. Way up. Standing 208cm tall, when you spot him in a crowd, Grant Shephard’s height might bring back memories of the children’s TV show The Friendly Giant. But put him on a basketball court and his 6 foot 10 inch frame looks average.

As a former member of the Kelowna Owls AAAA basketball team, Grant led them to a National title in 2016 before moving to the US to finish high school. Now, he’s back in BC again and playing for the UBC Thunderbirds.

In 2017, Grant was selected as one of 12 players to represent Canada as part of the Canadian Junior Men’s Basketball Team at the FIBA World Cup Championships in Cairo, Egypt. This U-19 team was not considered to be one of the favourites going in but when they upset the US in the semi-finals, they realized they had a shot at winning gold.

The U-19 team did what no other Canadian men’s basketball team has ever been able to accomplish by winning the gold medal, beating Italy in the final match. After the win, Grant stated it best by saying, "Canadian basketball is on the rise."

Past Recipients of the Award
  • 2016 - Rostam Turner
  • 2015 - Will Dean
  • 2014 - Robbie Yochim
  • 2013 - Alex Hart
  • 2012 - Rostam Turner
  • 2011 - Keefer Joyce
  • 2010 - Dan Crockett 
  • 2009 - Daniel Brown
  • 2008 - Scott Frandsen
  • 2007 - Steve Omischl
  • 2006 - Carlos Guglielmi
  • 2005 - Craig Buntin
  • 2004 - Mervin Watson
  • 2002 - Clayton Miller
  • 2001 - Rob Friend
  • 2000 - Aaron David
  • 1999 - Conrad Leinemann