Growing Kelowna

Making room to grow.  

Kelowna is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. As the community welcomes new residents to our city, the growth needs to be thoughtful - it's more than just about adding more buildings, roads, and services or the population. These elements are really important, but they need to be done in a way that that supports our community being a place where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy the great things this community has to offer. As the city grows, preparations and plans are underway to ensure residents’ quality of life grows in tandem. The Building a Stronger Kelowna initiative is one of these plans, growing community, sport and wellness facilities strategically across Kelowna. Active, low-barrier spaces where residents of all ages and abilities can move, connect and develop new skills and passions play a critical role in community wellbeing. Whether it's taking an art class, connecting with a weekly singing group, training for an upcoming competition, or hosting a neighbourhood gathering, these facilities are welcoming, safe spaces for Kelowna to connect, learn, and belong. 

The community has a vision in Imagine Kelowna to help guide how the community will grow and evolve in years to come. The Imagine Kelowna vision is the anchor and guide for other City plans which guide policy. It's about helping us learn how to deal with change and make the most of it. It's about finding new and better ways to do things that work for everyone and make our community stronger and happier. It's about making sure we stay true to who we are as its residents, and what we value -- like one that puts people first, one that values its history, one that encourages curiosity & creativity, and one that recognizes the changing roles of individuals, businesses, governments, and community organizations.   

We want to be a community that is collaborative, smart, connected, responsible, and friendly. We want to be open to new ideas and possibilities, while keeping the things we love about our past. We want to be proud of our city as it changes and show the world how amazing it is. 

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