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We maintain approximately 14,000 street lights. The majority of the lights (approximately 10,000) are what is known as cobra style lights. These are either mounted on a wooden pole or a traditional sweeping street light pole and are being changed to LED lighting.

To be able to maintain a large quantity of street light poles, it is important to ensure we can maximize lifespan. Older poles were made of steel and coated with paint for protection. These tend to corrode quickly leading to early replacement and higher maintenance costs. We now install galvanized and powder coated poles (generally green for cobra style, and post-top, black for decorative). This combination provides a service life of approximately 50 years.

Reporting a street light problem

If you spot a street light issue, please use our online service request to let us know:

Report a Problem

Potential issues can include:

  • Street light outage
  • Street light damage
  • Missing covers/exposed wiring
  • Tree branches blocking light and causing safety concern

Each pole has a unique identifier number on it's base (example pictured below) which lets us know its precise location. If possible, please include the number on the streetpole when reporting any issues.