Transportation Master Plan

Our Kelowna as we Move

The Transportation Master Plan is a long-range plan that will identify strategic, prioritized investments needed over the next 20 years to create a safe, cost-effective and sustainable transportation network. 

The planning process will include an assessment of the existing transportation system, including roadway, cycling, pedestrian and transit networks. It will consider existing travel patterns and behaviour, future travel conditions, estimates for changing technologies and the Official Community Plan's future land use assumptions. The plan will also include the development of an implementation approach and evaluation tools.

The long-term vision will be created through a combination of public engagement, research and analysis.



1. Vision and goals (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)
2. Land use scenarios (Spring 2018 - Spring 2019)
3. Transportation scenarios (Spring 2019 - Winter 2019)
4. Implementation strategy (2020)
5. Plan development (2020) 

The timing of the plan responds to a pressing need, as the previous transportation master plan was completed in 1995 and is now outdated. This timing also presents a strategic opportunity as it allows for coordination with both the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Central Okanagan's first Regional Transportation Plan. Transportation strategies and greenhouse gas considerations included in the Climate Action Plan update can also be included in the transportation plan.

The plan's vision and goals

Kelowna will be a city with vibrant urban centres where people and places are conveniently connected by diverse transportation options that help us transition from our car-centric culture. 

Improve safetyProtect the environmentEnhance travel affordability
Foster a growing economyEnhance urban centresImprove health
Optimize travel timesSupport livable communitiesPromote inclusive transportation
Improve travel choicesBe innovative and flexibleEnsure value for public investment


Public engagement opportunities

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Vision and goals - closed

Residents provided input online and in person on the draft vision and goals for the first phase of Kelowna’s Transportation Master Plan. The plan, Our Kelowna as We Move, will guide strategic transportation investments the City will make over the next 20 years.

An online survey was open from March 26 to April 15 and staff members were available to discuss the plan and answer questions at two open houses on April 5 and 7, 2018.

Input opportunities were promoted through the City’s news bulletins, the website, social media channels, the City’s Get Involved website, electronic signage and City in Action newspaper ads.

Vision and goals engagement report


Pick your Path to 2040 - closed

In conjunction with the Official Community Plan update process, residents were invited to share how they want Kelowna to grow, as well as experience four different growth scenarios for Kelowna 2040. Public, interactive exhibits were held at Stuart Park, Okanagan College, and Rutland Centennial Hall in June 2018. In addition, residents were invited to walk through the Pick your Path interactive storybook and complete an online questionnaire.

Based on technical data, growth projections, and public and stakeholder input, Council endorsed a growth strategy that proposes a gradual shift toward a more compact and complete community. The scenario will be used as a benchmark to help guide development of the 2040 Official Community Plan, Transportation Master Plan and 20 Year Servicing Plan.

Pick your Path engagement report

Facts in Focus

Learn about key transportation topics that emerged through the first phase of engagement by reading through the Facts in Focus discussion papers and interactive summaries.

Transportation and land use (Official Community Plan update)

Kelowna’s traffic patterns largely result from daily travel decisions made by the City’s 130,000 citizens. Where people live, and how far they need to travel to get to work, school, or other services, is a key factor that influences how people choose to get around.

PDF report | Online summary

How can transit keep people moving

For Kelowna to grow without worsening gridlock, we need to find ways to move more people in the road space we have available. Public transit is part of the solution.

PDF report | Online summary

The congestion paradox

Through the Transportation Master Plan consultation some residents asked about the potential to make significant investments in new roadways to reduce congestion. While roadway investments will be part of any future balanced transportation plan for Kelowna, expanding roadways in an attempt to eliminate congestion has significant challenges and will likely not achieve its goals.

PDF report | Online summary

Transportation, technology and our changing future

New transportation options and services will emerge and link together to create a mobility ecosystem that offers seamless, multi-modal travel on demand. Some of these coming changes have the potential to increase auto travel and congestion, or if we are proactive, to accelerate our pace towards achieving our shared vision for a more connected, responsible, smart and collaborative future, as outlined in Imagine Kelowna. 

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Video: Get involved as we plan for the future