Transportation Master Plan

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The Transportation Master Plan is a long-range plan that will identify strategic, prioritized investments needed over the next 20 years to create a safe, cost-effective and sustainable transportation network. 

The planning process will include an assessment of the existing transportation system, including roadway, cycling, pedestrian and transit networks. It will consider existing travel patterns and behaviour, future travel conditions, estimates for changing technologies and the Official Community Plan's future land use assumptions. The plan will also include the development of an implementation approach and evaluation tools.

The long-term vision will be created through a combination of public engagement, research and analysis.

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The plan, strategies and implementation approach are expected to be delivered in 2019.


The timing of the plan responds to a pressing need, as the previous transportation master plan was completed in 1995 and is now outdated.

This timing also presents a strategic opportunity as it allows for coordination with both the Official Community Plan and the region's first Regional Strategic Transportation Plan. Transportation strategies and greenhouse gas considerations included in the Climate Action Plan update can also be included in the transportation plan.