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We're working to create vibrant urban centres, a balanced transportation network and an inclusive community. Infrastructure projects improve and maintain outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges. 

This project will provide a small gravel parking lot next to the access to scenic Canyon Falls Park.

Est. cost: $100,000
Est. end: Spring 2023

Design of the Casorso Active Transportation Corridor (ATC) from KLO to Barrera commenced in 2021.

Est. cost: $4.0 million
Est. start: Spring 2023
Est. end: Fall 2023

Extension of sanitary sewer mains and services to properties still on septic systems.

Est. cost: $19 Million
Est. start: 2022
Est. end: 2026

Replace ductless split with new split air source heat pumps and ERV’s

Est. cost: $180k
Est. start: Q3 2022
Est. end: Q2 2022

Replacement of existing cooling tower, replacement of existing chiller and upgrade with a high efficiency chiller including new circulati

Est. cost: $1.6M
Est. start: Q2 2022
Est. end: Q4 2023

The Coronation Ave Watermain Upgrade project will provide a new 200mm diameter PVC main improving water quality and Fire Flows to the sur

Est. cost: $300,000
Est. start: Fall 2023

Project consists of the replacement of existing internal piping and components at the Daon Pump Station.  Upgrades will allow for future

Est. start: Spring 2023

Located in Lower Mission, DeHart Park is a top focus amongst three major community parks in the City’s new Parks Development Cost Charge

Est. cost: $6.4 million
Est. start: 2022
Est. end: 2024
Dehart Road (Gordon Drive - Swamp Road)Pavement ManagementBike lanesSidewalks
Est. start: Summer 2023
Est. end: Fall 2023

Replace hydronic heating system with RTU and replace end-of-life truck bay exhaust fan including upgrades to ductwork to accomodate highe

Est. cost: $150k
Est. start: Q2 2022
Est. end: Q2 2023