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We're working to create vibrant urban centres, a balanced transportation network and an inclusive community. Infrastructure projects improve and maintain outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges. 

Extension of sanitary sewer mains and services to properties still on septic systems.

Est. cost: $10.1 Million
Est. start: Spring 2023
Est. end: Fall 2024
Chute Lake Road (Main St - South Crest Dr)Pavement ManagementBike lanes

Resurfacing of roadway pavement.

Interior Renovations to increase workstation capacity and meeting rooms.  Building envelope improvements.

Est. start: February 2022
Est. end: February 2023

City Park is one of Kelowna's most popular and well used parks.

Est. cost: $1.5 million
Est. start: Winter 2022
Est. end: Spring 2022

The Clean Air and Safe Routes for Schools program provides education and infrastructure to help make walking and biking to school safer.

Est. cost: $60,000
Est. start: Summer
Est. end: Summer

The Okanagan Indian Band, District of Lake Country and City of Kelowna have

DeHart Park is the first priority of three major community parks in the new Parks Development DCC program.

Est. cost: $6.4 million
Est. start: 2022
Est. end: 2024

Protective netting is being installed on diamond E3 at Edith Gay Park.

Est. cost: 140,000
Est. start: Winter 2022
Est. end: Spring 2022

Frazer Lake Dam was originally constructed in the early 1900's to provide water storage for the irrigation needs in the Mission area.  Th

Est. cost: $760,000
Est. start: Spring 2022
Est. end: Summer 2022

Glenmore Road between Dallas Road and Kane /Ballou Road is planned for a multi path in 2022.

Est. start: Summer 2022
Est. end: Fall 2022