Central Rutland Sanitary Sewer Connection Area

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Extension of sanitary sewer mains and services to properties still on septic systems.  Work on the west side of Rutland Road started in 2023 and will be completed spring 2024., Work will begin on the east side of Rutland Road in spring 2024. Construction will start on Prior Road and will progress from north to south up to and including Husch Road. The remaining area is planned for construction in 2025 and may extend into 2026 if required. 

The City has been upgrading its sanitary sewer systems to better serve residents, protect the environment, and service the needs of our growing city for almost 30 years. Support from senior government propels Council and community priorities enabling the City to provide critical public infrastructure to residents in many ways. This project will provide sanitary sewer infrastructure to over 500 properties to benefit from a safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment and effluent disposal system.This project is funded in part by a $9M grant from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) - Green Infrastructure Environmental Quality Program.  Other sources of funding include the City's sanitary sewer connection area reserve and additional senior government grants. 

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Please note: We understand there is homeowner costs associated with this opportunity; therefore, there is no deadline to connect to the sewer service and it is up to the property owner to decide when to do so. The 2023/2024 connection fee for a 100mm service (typical for single family residential) is $7,800 and $10,400 for a 150mm service (multi-family residential). Payment of the connection fee is required prior to the City issuing a plumbing permit for the connection to the home. There are no financing or tax deferral options available for this project through the City. Connection fees are likely to increase each year to adjust for inflation and construction market conditions. See Bylaw 3480 for additional information on sewer fees. The connection fee can be paid to lock in the current rate even if owners wish to delay actual connection to the system. Overall, connection costs are typically lower than replacing an old or non-functioning septic system. The cost of installing the home-owners side of the service between home and property line will vary depending on property conditions, length and depth of service. The City does not provide a list of preferred civil contractors for this work but encourages residents to search out reputable civil contractors and request multiple quotes. Properties that will require a grinder pump will be notified separately.