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When it comes to construction, residents should be made aware of what to expect when it is  occurring in their neighbourhood. Construction can occur for any number of reasons, and it is important to remain good neighbours throughout the process.

What you need to know: 

All required permits and approvals must be obtained prior to the commencement of construction (planning approvals – zoning, building permit, development permit, demolition permit, soil removal and deposit permit and road usage permits).

  • Always keep site clean and strap down any materials that may leave the premise during sudden weather changes
  • Keep roads and sidewalks surrounding the site clean from mud, gravel, debris, etc.
  • Respect the hours of noise regulations. Construction may occur between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., 7 days a week
  • Noise variance permits can be requested from the Development Services department at 250 -469-8960 if construction is needing to occur outside the regulated noise time frame
  • Do not block driveways, sidewalks, lanes or emergency accesses. Keep streets and lanes passable
  • Do not park on boulevards or neighbouring/private properties
  • Minimize dust, noise and debris that emanates from construction site to neighbouring properties
  • Do not use power or water from neighbouring properties without their consent
  • Secure the project site to restrict public access
  • Storage containers are not allowed on the roadway or boulevard without City approval

Road usage permits can be requested from the Civic Operations department at 250-469-8600. Always provide adequate access for Fire Rescue Services. Ensure access routes are clearly signed, and access routes are free of obstructions.

How to report: 

Reporting a concern regarding the operation of construction, please call Bylaw Services at 250-469-8686 or report online:

Issues regarding road usage permits, building permits, etc. can be reported to Development Services at 250-469-8960
If there is an immediate danger to a person’s life and safety, please call 9-1-1

For more information:

Development Services Department
T: 250-469-8960
 T: 250-469-8500 (City Hall)

Reference Bylaws:  
Building Bylaw No. 7245
Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 11500

Other resources and quick links: