Neighbourhood events

The Neighbourhood Events program will help you take your idea for a neighbourhood event to the next level! Plan and implement your neighbourhood event with the support of our Community Development Coordinators.

So you want to plan a block party
A few helpful things to consider when planning your block party.

Including templates for invitations and posters.

Application, guidelines & deadlines

Applications for 2019 events will be accepted starting March 15, 2019.

We have fulfilled the maximum amount of events we are able to support for 2018. We have a list of resources to help you still proceed with your event, or our grants program is still accepting applications.

Neighbourhood Event Application Guidelines


Any resident of Kelowna interested in hosting a neighbourhood event. Event planning experience is not required.

Supported event types

Examples of the types of events we can support: 

  • block parties
  • condo festivity
  • picnics
  • free-cycling events
  • neighbourhood clean-ups
  • porch concerts
  • skill exchanges

In all cases, the events must be:

  • Free
  • Inclusive
  • Neighbourhood driven and neighbourhood based.
Other considerations

Depending on the event, other considerations may need to be taken into account and additional permits or permissions may be required including:

  • Road closures: if a street closure is required, a Road Usage permit from the Transportation department must be obtained
  • Food service: if the event involves serving food, a permit from Interior Health may be required
  • Access to power: if the event is in a park and requires power, a permit from the BC Safety Authority will be necessary
  • Waste Removal: event organizers are responsible for removing and disposing any resulting garbage and/or recyclables

Permits and permissions do not need to be in place prior to applying, staff will assist applicants in obtaining the necessary requirements.


Application forms will be available beginning March 15th, 2018. It is highly recommended that applications be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date in order to ensure ample time for review and to address any potential concerns. Applications that are submitted two weeks or less from the proposed event date cannot be considered. The last possible date for an event is October 15, 2018.

*A maximum of twenty events will be supported during 2018.

Decision-making process

Applications will be reviewed by the Neighbourhood Development Coordinators who will: 

  • Review applications weekly
  • Consult with applicable City departments depending on the nature of the proposed event
  • Evaluate the applications based on the program criteria and will forward their recommendations to the Manager of Community and Neighbourhood Services for final approval
  • A maximum of one event per day will be supported; in instances where two applications are received for events proposed for the same day, first-time events that meet the criteria will be given priority provided they are received within the same week
  • Applicants will be notified of the final decision within four weeks of submitting an application. In some cases, applicants may be asked to provide additional information before a final decision can be made
  • The decision of the Manager of Community and Neighbourhood Services will be final
Working together

Once an event has been approved:

  • A Neighbourhood Development Coordinator will be available to work with the organizer through planning and implementation of event 
  • The event organizer will be required to sign a letter of agreement that will clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the organizer and the City of Kelowna 
  • The event organizer will need to provide proof of any applicable insurance coverage and permits prior to the event 
  • All event promotions and communications will need to recognize the contribution of the City of Kelowna 
  • The event organizer will be required to provide a photo from the event and a story that can be shared on the Strong Neighbourhoods webpage. We will provide photo release forms for the day of the event 
  • The event organizer will be required to complete a short project evaluation form to provide details such as the project’s impact on the neighbourhood
Non-support event types

An event cannot be supported if:

  • It is a fundraiser
  • It is a political or religious activity
  • The presence, sale or consumption of alcohol is involved
  • It violates any City of Kelowna bylaws
  • It is a private or closed function, e.g., a birthday party
  • If it is hosted by a for-profit business or group
  • If attendance is expected to be more than 350 (refer to the City of Kelowna Outdoor Events team)

Why plan a neighbourhood event?

  • Get to know who is in your neighbourhood
  • Encourage neighbourliness and have fun with your neighbours
  • Neighbourhood gatherings provide opportunities for neighbours to meet and strengthen existing relationships
  • Increasing the number of neighbourhood events in your community creates more opportunities for people to connect

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