Plan an outdoor event

Thank you for your interest in hosting an outdoor event in Kelowna!  Events are a great way to share, celebrate, honour, compete, or simply have fun while enjoying our beautiful community, parks and weather.  The City of Kelowna's Event Services Team is excited to be your 'one stop shop' by guiding you through our permit process and providing expertise to host an enjoyable, safe and memorable event.

An event/festival can be defined as an organized activity (community, sporting, cultural or other) occurring for a limited or fixed duration (ie. one-time or annual), held over one or more days, and available to the public.

An Outdoor Event Permit is required to host events on city property, when any or all of the following apply:

  • Access to city services is requested
  • Any size event is held on city roadways
  • A liquor permit is applied for on city property
  • Over 1000 people attend an event on private property
  • Event complexity as deemed by the Event Services Office

If your event request includes any or all of the above, please complete a New Event Proposal.  Our Event Services Team will be in touch to learn more about your event!

Please also visit the links on the sidebar to learn more about:

  • Event Development - potential city support through grants, marketing strategies, and more!
  • Event Planning Guidelines - application information, potential permits and useful tips for a successful event!
  • Bookable Outdoor Spaces - our beautiful park spaces and which location might be the best fit for your event!

If you have any questions, contact our Event ServicesTeam at or 250-469-8423.

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