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COVID-19 & events - update

The City recognizes the value that events bring to our community, enhancing its vibrancy and providing significant social and economic benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all facets of community life in a profound and unprecedented way, and the events sector is no exception. Re-starting this important sector is a significant aspect of our community's recovery plans.The reintroduction of events in our community is carefully being considered and will be progressive as we transition through the BC Restart Plan.  

Based on the current Provincial Health Order:

  • Organized gatherings of 5,000 people or 50% capacity are permitted in public outdoor spaces with an approved Communicable Disease Plan. 
  • Outdoor walk-through fairs and festivals can be held at 100% venue capacity with an approved Communicable Disease Plan. 

We have created a Communicable Disease Plan Checklist to assist organizers in the required Communicable Disease Plan. Please note these guidelines are subject to change and will evolve as we progress and are provided further provincial direction.  

The online application link can be accessed below by clicking 'Apply Now'.

Outdoor event planning 

Events are a great way to share, celebrate, honour, compete or simply have fun while enjoying our beautiful community, parks and weather. Our Event Services Team is here to guide you through our permit process and provide expertise to host a safe and memorable event.

An outdoor event can be defined as an organized activity (community, sporting, cultural or other) occurring for a limited or fixed duration (i.e. one-time or annual), held over one or more days and available to the public. 

Our Event planning guidelines page contains resources to help you plan a great event. Subscribe to the ‘Get Eventive!’ e-bulletin to receive event-related news such as: highlights & updates, grant opportunities, logistical planning, event development and more. 

If you have any questions please contact our Event Services Team at or 250-469-8423.

Outdoor Event Permit

An Outdoor Event Permit is required to host events on City property when:

  • 350 or more people are expected to attend
  • Access to City services is requested
  • Any size event is held on City roadways
  • A liquor permit is applied for on City property
  • Over 1,000 people attend an event on private property
  • Event complexity as deemed by the Event Services Office

If your event includes any of the above, please complete an application and our Event Services Team will be in touch to learn more about your event.    


Bookable outdoor spaces

Find the perfect outdoor space for your event.

Outdoor spaces

This is not an inclusive list of all potential spaces on City property.  If you have a location in mind not listed, please inquire with the Event Services Team to explore potential options. Contact information is listed below.

Casual Use

“Casual Use” can be defined as informal activities such as birthday parties, staff luncheons, family reunions and picnics. While park space can’t be reserved for these types of gatherings, users are welcome to animate the spaces following our Casual Use Guidelines.

Casual Use guidelines
  • Gatherings of larger than 350 people require an Outdoor Event Permit
  • Parks and public spaces can’t be used exclusively and are on a first-come, first-served basis. You can’t ask anyone to move.
  • Tents must be weighted, as staking (ground penetration) isn’t permitted. Tents can’t be bigger than 10’x10’.
  • Tying to infrastructure or trees isn’t permitted
  • Portable propane barbeques that are CSA/ULC approved are acceptable in park space only and must be kept a minimum of one metre away from the nearest structure. During high- risk fire season, BBQ use may be restricted.
  • Food can only be for attendees. Food service to the public isn’t permitted.
  • Food trucks aren’t permitted to attend casual use activities
  • Inflatable play structures aren’t authorized for casual use
  • Amplified sound is strongly discouraged. Please respect other users of the area.
  • Alcohol isn’t permitted
  • No smoking. All City of Kelowna parks and public spaces are smoke free.
  • You’re responsible for cleaning up any garbage or recycling generated from your gathering and removing it from the site
  • Any walkway or sidewalk use must follow rules of the road when crossing roadways and no marking of sidewalks or pathways is permitted
Other considerations
  • Location - When choosing a location, our parks have varying amenities ranging from washrooms, portable washrooms, picnic tables, playgrounds, waterparks, sport fields, parking availability, etc. Please view our Beaches & parks map for photos and list of amenities at each location.
  • Timing - Our Event Services Office supports over 160 events annually on our City's outdoor spaces. We recommend viewing the City calendar to determine availability in your park of choice. City Park and Waterfront Park are key event parks; ensure these parks are available before planning your gathering.