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Block party support

Great cities are made up of strong neighbourhoods. In turn, strong neighbourhoods are made up of connected and engaged residents. Neighbourhood events are a fun and enjoyable way to meet neighbours and build a stronger, more connected neighbourhood. 

If you’re planning to organize a neighbourhood event to build connections among neighbours and a sense of community, we can help! Check out our Neighbourhoods Events program and Meet your Street Kit details below to see how we can support your next neighbourhood gathering. We have also included some great resources below that can help you prepare for a great neighbourhood event! 

Meet your Street Kit

The Meet your Street Kit includes games and resources to help neighbours connect at a neighbourhood gathering in their street block, apartment or complex in Kelowna. Organizers can sign out the kit and enjoy a variety of games and activities including stacking cups, bocce, giant connect four, hop sacks and more!

Events must be neighbourhood based and meet eligibility requirements listed in the Neighbourhood Events program guidelines. Requests for the Meet Your Street Kit must be submitted at least 2 weeks before anticipated event date. To submit a request, fill out our form below.

Meet Your Street Kit Request Form

Neighbourhood Event program

The Neighbourhood Event Program is for Kelowna residents who want to host a get-together with their neighbours and would like a little help along the way. Whether you're looking to host a condo or block party, neighbourhood scavenger hunt, picnic, porch concert or BBQ, we can help! 

The Neighbourhood Event program provides the following support, for free: 

  • Pre-event planning: booking public spaces, guidance through possible permit processes, providing content suggestions for your invitations, suggestions on engaging activities and more. 
  • On-site support: up to three hours of on-site help the day of your event, plus time for set-up and take-down. 
  • Access to equipment: access to equipment from the mobile event trailer including: tables, chairs, tents, sound system and a variety of lawn games.
  • Access to resources: resources such as nametags, conversation starter cards and contact cards are available to help connect neighbours and foster conversations.
  • Access to Yellow Fish Road™  kits: supplies to paint yellow fish symbols next to storm drains and resources reminding people that anything that enters the storm drain systems goes directly into the local waterbody.

Apply for Neighbourhood Event support

Please note that if you would like to close a street for your block gathering, you will need to complete a road usage permit application in addition to your neighbourhood event application. 


Application process

It’s highly recommended that applications be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date in order to ensure ample time for review and to address any potential concerns. Applications that are submitted less than three weeks prior to the proposed event date cannot be considered. 

Applications will be reviewed by the Community Development Coordinators, who will: 

  • Review and evaluate applications weekly
  • Consult with applicable City departments depending on the nature of the proposed event
  • Evaluate applications based on the program criteria

Applicants will be notified of the final decision within two weeks of applying. In some cases, applicants may be asked to provide additional information before a final decision can be made.


Any resident of Kelowna interested in hosting a neighbourhood event can apply. Event planning experience is not required.


We will support the following types of events, as long as they’re outdoor, free, inclusive, and neighbourhood driven/based:

  • Block parties/BBQ/picnics
  • Condo festivities 
  • Porch concerts/backyard theatre performances
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Picnics
  • Free-cycling events
  • Skill, book, toy, plant/seed exchanges

An event can’t be supported if:

  • It’s a fundraiser
  • It’s a political or religious activity
  • The presence, sale or consumption of alcohol is involved
  • It violates any City bylaws
  • It’s a private or closed function (e.g., a birthday party)
  • If it’s hosted by a for-profit business or group
  • If attendance is expected to be more than 350 people (visit Plan an outdoor event)
Other considerations

Depending on the event, other considerations may need to be considered and additional permits or permissions may be required.

  • Road closures: if you would like to close a street for your block gathering, you will need to complete a road usage permit application in addition to your neighbourhood event application. Applications are to be sent to and will be forwarded to the Roadways department for consideration.  Strong Neighbourhoods event road usage permit application
  • Food service: if the event involves serving food, a permit from Interior Health may be required.  
  • Access to power: if the event is in a park and requires power, please discuss the options with a Community Development Coordinator.
  • Waste Removal: event organizers are responsible for removing and disposing any resulting garbage and/or recyclables.
  • Noise: must be kept at a respectable level for the consideration of your neighbours (i.e. quiet time is 10 p.m.).
  • Promotions: all promotions for your event must be neighbourhood based. Event announcements on channels that would reach a city-wide audience are not permitted.
  • Outdoor Event Permit: may be required depending on the nature and scope of your event. 

Permits and permissions do not need to be in place prior to applying for neighbourhood event support. A Community Development Coordinator will assist applicants in obtaining the necessary requirements.

How we work together to plan your event

Once an event has been approved:

  • A Community Development Coordinator will be available to work with the organizer through planning and implementation of event.
  • The event organizer will be required to sign a letter of agreement that will clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the organizer and the City.
  • Our staff will provide up to three hours of on-site help the day of your event plus time for set-up and take-down
  • The event organizer will need to provide a site map two weeks prior to event date.
  • All event promotions and communications will need to recognize the City and be approved by the Community Development Coordinator prior to distribution.
  • The event organizer will be required to provide photos from the event and a story that can be shared on the Strong Neighbourhoods website section. We will provide photo release forms as well as a short guest survey to be handed out to event attendees.
  • The event organizer will be required to complete a short report to provide details such as the event’s impact on the neighbourhood.
Top 10 reasons to have a block party
  1. To have fun and animate the neighbourhood.
  2. To host inclusive events that celebrate the rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities.
  3. To encourage neighbours get to know each other, and look out for one another.
  4. To meet neighbours, strengthen existing relationships, and build friendships.
  5. To create a welcoming and inclusive community.
  6. To learn more about who lives on the block and the skills, talents and passions of neighbours. They might be able to lend a hand with a gardening project, care for children in time of need or keep an eye on the house while away on vacation.
  7. To help with safety/crime prevention by knowing who lives where and spotting/reporting out of ordinary activity
  8. To learn about the history of the neighbourhood.
  9. To encourage neighbours to look after the neighbourhood.
  10. To create more opportunities to be social such as forming walking groups, hosting games nights, or organizing a paint night.
Make your social a success with these tools and resources

Block party planning tips
A few helpful things to consider when planning your block party.

Project planning tips
If you've never organized a neighbourhood project or event, this guide will help walk you through the basic steps.

Outdoor events planning
For events over 350 people or that disrupt traffic, the Outdoor Events office can help you navigate the permit and application processes.

Neighbour bingo

Get to know your neighbours by playing a round neighbour bingo at your next event - like a block party! 



Name tags

Download our name tag template - to help ensure the name sticks, use the label template Avery 6475.

Download template