Infrastructure projects

We are continually working to create vibrant urban centres, a balanced transportation network and an inclusive community. Infrastructure projects focus on improvements and maintenance of outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges.

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Significant investment throughout Kelowna boosts the local economy and builds the vibrancy of our growing city. Learn more about key projects within the city being constructed or managed by another organization.

This project will replace 100m of aging 100mm AC watermain with 100mm PVC.

Est. cost: $75,000
Est. start: Spring 2017
Est. end: Summer 2017

A linear park has been planned for Bellevue Creek since 1995 when it was first identified in the Official Community Plan.

Construction of a permanent, approximately 132 stall parking and informal drop-off area for Boyce-Gyro Park is planned this year on part

The Brandt’s Creek Detention pond will mitigate large storm events downstream through two culverts and hold large flows in the pond.

Est. cost: $85,000
Est. start: February 2017
Est. end: May 2017

Installation of an oil/water separator on Burtch Rd to remove contaminants before storm water enters Mill Creek.

Est. cost: $90,000

Canyon Falls Park is becoming increasingly popular; in the interest of public safety the City is improving park infrastructure.

Est. cost: $144,000
Est. start: February 2017
Est. end: May 2017

Park upgrades to improve pedestrian access.

Est. cost: $85,000
Est. start: February 2017
Est. end: May 2017

The construction of 224 in-ground burial crypts to expand the existing G7 section; this is the first phase a multiyear expansion project.

Est. cost: $335,000
Est. start: April 2017
Est. end: June 2017

Construction of a structure to catch sedimentation before the drainage water enters into Chichester Pond.

Est. start: Summer 2017
Est. end: Fall 2017

The basement level and part of level 1 within City Hall will be renovated starting this year.

Est. cost: $2.5 million
Est. start: Spring 2017
Est. end: Spring 2018