Heritage register

The Kelowna Heritage Register is an official listing of properties within the community that are identified as having heritage value. Search the register below.

The Heritage Register replaces the 1983 Kelowna Heritage Resources Inventory. In 1994, the Local Government Act, along with the community's growth and public interest in the conservation and revitalization of heritage buildings and sites, allowed for the creation of the Heritage Register.

More than 200 properties are currently listed in the Kelowna Heritage Register. For each listed building, a Statement of Significance has been written, indicating why the building merits inclusion. A Statement of Significance provides a description of and identifies the heritage value and character-defining elements of a historic place.

Why establish the Heritage Register?

The Heritage Register identifies properties of heritage value in Kelowna and allows us to review and monitor proposed changes that would have an impact on listed heritage properties. Properties listed in the Kelowna Heritage Register have special status and may be eligible to benefit from the following incentives:

  • Heritage Revitalization Agreements to vary the City’s Zoning and Subdivision, Development and Servicing Bylaws. This allows the City to consider, on a case-by-case basis, providing property owners with incentives and bonuses such as increasing density, relaxing height and setback restrictions andrelaxing parking restrictions, and allowing appropriate adaptive re-uses. In return for these incentives, the property owners would agree to retain and protect the listed properties.
  • Special treatment under the BC Building Code, which permits equivalencies to current building code provisions. The equivalencies allow property owners to upgrade older buildings without requiring strict code compliance, while not compromising safety standards.
  • Grants from the Kelowna Heritage Grants Program to help cover exterior restoration costs of listed buildings. Grants may be up to 50 per cent of the cost of restoration work done, to a maximum of $7,500.


Can listed buildings be altered or demolished?

Buildings listed in the Kelowna Heritage Register can be altered and may even be demolished. However, City Council may temporarily delay the issuance of a permit to alter or demolish a listed heritage building in order to allow time for other development options to be fully explored with the property owner, City staff and the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Inclusion of a property in a Heritage Register doesn’t constitute Heritage Designation or any other form of heritage protection. Furthermore, having a building included in the Heritage Register doesn’t restrict the existing development potential of a property. The property owner is entitled to redevelop the property in accordance with the permitted uses and density of the existing zone of that property.

How are buildings removed from or added to the Heritage Register?

Requests from property owners to add buildings to or remove buildings from the Kelowna Heritage Register are reviewed by City staff. The City’s Policy & Planning Department will compile background information on the subject building and an evaluation of the building’s architectural and cultural history, context and integrity will be conducted in open meeting with the Heritage Advisory Committee. This process follows the Kelowna Heritage Register Evaluation Criteria.

Following the evaluation, the Policy & Planning Department will forward a recommendation to City Council regarding the proposed addition or removal of the building to the Register. The property owners will be advised of Council’s decision.

The historic place is the 2.5-storey Georgian Revival Adams House, built in 1922, and its landscaped grounds, located at 1998 Abbott Street in Kelowna's South Central neighbourhood and included within the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area.

The McWilliams House is a stucco-clad, one-storey split-level Spanish Colonial Revival style residence. It is located in Kelowna's historic Abbott Street neighbourhood, close to the city centre. The house is situated on lakefront property, with its principle entrance on Abbott Street. The yard is well maintained and provides an appropriate setting of mature coniferous trees, mature horse chestnut trees, shrubbery and manicured lawns.

The historic place is the 1-1/2-storey stucco-clad, wood-frame house built in 1936 and located at 2083 Abbott Street in Kelowna's Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area in the South Central neighbourhood.

The historic place is the two-storey, stucco-finished Hughes-Games House, built in 1939 in the Moderne style at 2094 Abbott Street. The house is located within the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area in Kelowna's South Central neighbourhood and also has received individual heritage designation.

The Hamilton House is a two-storey Arts and Crafts residence, with a modern addition on its lakefront elevation. It is located on the west side of Abbott Street on an Okanagan Lake waterfront lot in Kelowna's historic Abbott Street area. The property is well maintained, and includes a detached garage, manicured lawns, mature trees, large shrubs and foundation plantings.

The Jackson House is a one-storey wood-frame vernacular Arts and Crafts bungalow, of modest size and detailing. The house is situated in Kelowna's historic Abbott Street neighbourhood one block from Lake Okanagan.

The historic place is the one-and-one-half storey Cummings House built 1924 and located at 334 Beach Avenue in the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area in Kelowna's South Central neighbourhood.

Belgo House is a two-storey Foursquare plan wood-frame farmhouse, situated among other farms and orchards on a large country estate near Belgo Pond in Kelowna's rural Belgo / Black Mountain neighbourhood, far removed from the city centre. The house sits on a landscaped property with a cedar hedge, fruit trees, mature coniferous trees, a vineyard, rock walls, a white fence and paths.

The historic place is the 1.5-storey, wood-sided McIver House, built around 1904 as a farmhouse, and relocated to Benvoulin Heritage Park at 2279 Benvoulin Road, in Kelowna's South Pandosy neighbourhood, to complement the Benvoulin Church located on the same site.

The historic place is the Benvoulin Church, built in 1892 as a wood Gothic Revival church with a prominent belltower, and located at 2279 Benvoulin Road, in Kelowna's South Pandosy neighbourhood.