Record number of Snow Angels step up during one of the coldest and snowiest months in Kelowna

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Resident clearing snow


Jan 7, 2022

Despite being only a month into the official winter season, Kelowna has seen significant snow fall in December and early January, and snow clearing crews have been working at full force over the holidays and into the new year.

It’s up to residents to clear sidewalks around their homes and some go above and beyond the call, helping to clear sidewalks and driveways for neighbours, friends and those who may have a challenging time shoveling heavy snow.

Without fail, Kelowna’s neighbourhood heroes have dusted off their snow boots and grabbed their shovels and snowblowers to help those around them this past month. Because of this, Kelowna’s Snow Angels program is also off to a record-breaking start with the program receiving more than 60 nominations so far and even more heart-warming tales.

One story is of a friendly neighbour who gave the most priceless gift of all – time.

“My tenant, who is 65 years old, insists on shoveling my driveway when it snows. This gesture of kindness provides me with extra time with my daughter, which I appreciate immensely."

Another snow angel in Kelowna showed selflessness and caring for others during difficult times.

“I am a single mom and my daughter and I were in a significant motor vehicle accident recently. Without asking, my neighbour has shoveled and salted all seventeen of my stairs and my driveway every morning before 7 a.m.”

And lastly, how simple acts of kindness can help foster stronger communities.

“Our neighbours never hesitate to shovel our sidewalk or the other neighbourhood sidewalks, no matter how much snow falls or how busy they are raising their three boys. Small acts of kindness like this build strong communities that care for each other”.

The Snow Angels program recognizes those individuals in Kelowna neighbourhoods who brave the cold on the snowiest days to clear driveways and sidewalks in their neighborhood. By nominating your neighbourhood Snow Angel, you will be sent a toque and a card to personally share with your neighbour in recognition for their efforts.

Snow Angels are also entered into a monthly Snow Angels grand prize draw to win 2 tickets to a Kelowna Rockets game as well as pre-game dinner.

For more information on the Snow Angels program, visit 

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