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Use the interactive map below to browse through our public art collection, which currently includes over 70 public artworks located throughout Kelowna. Visit our Public art page to learn more about our Public Art Program. 

The Work The mural Lifted, was co created by Jorden and David Doody along with Jeremy Schantz. The mural depicts a gloved hand reaching down to pick up a long stemmed flower. The black and white...
Artist:Jorden & David Doody & Jeremy Shantz
The Work This mural depicts a gathering of funny heterogeneous characters in a Kelowna ambiance. It celebrates the richness of difference and multiculturalism in a fantastic and playful way...
Artist:Mono Sourcil
The Work The artists describe this mural as: all forms are relative, fluid, and ever changing conjured up by the great magician of a Devine play. The illusion lies in our point of view. Shapes,...
Artist:Jeremy Shantz & David Doody
The Work For this project, Jorden Doody lead a group of Rutland Senior Secondary students, through the process of collaborative mural production. The RSS students were thrilled to work one on...
Artist:Jorden Doody & Rutland Sec. School art students
Chief Sw'kn'cut
The WorkThe commissioning of this life size sculpture by Westbank First Nation, located along Kelowna’s waterfront, is envisioned as a learning opportunity through the sharing of cultures between...
Artist:Crystal Przybille
From Within Photo
The WorkThis life-sized bronze figure bursts from her past confines. AS the sun hits her face for the first time she is reborn. This piece looks to cultivate the process of growth, empowerment and...
Artist:David Jacob Harder
In The Family Photo
The WorkThis large wood sculpture of a family of bears was carved from a single Cottonwood tree. Situated near the spray park, the sculpture’s theme promotes Kelowna and City Park as a major...
Artist:Randy Duff
The Valley
The WorkThe Valley is a digitally fabricated sculpture that consists of 200 individually cut cross sections of Okanagan Valley topography. The work is a sculptural abstraction of the Okanagan Valley’...
Artist:Ron Hat and Michael Fugeta
The WorkThe sculpture is symbolic of the spirit of those who overcome. The sculpture is 4.3 meters high and was a gift to the Interior Health Authority by the Reid family.
Artist:Robert Dow Reid
The WorkNatural stone in a variety of colours and textures was used to create a mural framing the main entranceway to a supportive housing project. The mural, with its accompanying text on the inner...
Artist:Oliver Harwood & Marie Bortolotto