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Use the interactive map below to browse through our public art collection, which currently includes over 70 public artworks located throughout Kelowna. Visit our Public art page to learn more about our Public Art Program. 

Kelowna Public Art Tour
Artist:Public Art Tour Intro Page
Baseball Murals
The WorkRutland Minor Baseball Association (RMBA) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. To commemorate the event, RMBA received funding under the Community Public Art Program to apply murals to...
Artist:Tandem Studios (Liz Dumontet and Dylan Ranney)
Bird Bath and Hummingbird Sculpture
The WorkThese works are found within a section of the garden designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The Bird Bath was donated by the Lucas Family, in memory of Donella (Dolly) Lucas and...
Artist:Doug Alcock
The WorkCommissioned by the College while the artist was still a visual arts student here, this commemorative sun dial, shaped like an open book, plays with the movement of light and shadow through...
Artist:Robert Dow Reid
Coming Home
The WorkThis life-sized limestone sculpture depicts a soldier returning from active duty.The ProjectThe work was commissioned by the British Columbia Dragoons to commemorate its 100th anniversary in...
Artist:Fran Kiefer Bezeau
Communities in Bloom Mural
The WorkAn exuberant display of local flora and fauna commemorates the award-winning efforts of the local Communities in Bloom Committee.The ProjectOriginally formed in 1996 to support involvement in...
Artist:Scott Tobin
Father Pandosy Mission 150th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture
The WorkThe artist says the 2m tall statue is intended to “stand for generations to publicly inspire awareness and contemplation regarding Okanagan Valley history, both of Euro-Canadian and Okanagan...
Artist:Crystal Przybille
The WorkBraden Kiefiuk, 2015. Collection of Argus Properties; Mule deer descend from Knox Mountain thanks to the abundance of food along Brandt's Creek and the limited presence of large predators....
Artist:Braden Kiefiuk
The WorkIlluminature is a series of plates that bracket each of 24 pedestrian-scaled light poles along Bernard Avenue, Kelowna’s “Main Street”. The installation consists of 8 designs (each repeated 6...
Artist:Crystal Przybille
Kelowna's Centennial Aquatic History
The WorkThis installation is a series of images applied to sound-suppressing panels. Thirty-eight images depict aquatic-related activities throughout Kelowna’s history. Scenes from Kelowna’s early...
Artist:Don Makela