Neighbourhoods in action

These neighbourhood groups are just some of the many that have taken their ideas from concept to fruition. Whether working together on an enrichment project or community event, these residents have all contributed to improving the quality of life in their neighbourhoods.

Read their stories and get inspired to grab your neighbours and get started on your neighbourhood enhancing idea. Apply for a neighbourhood grant or neighbourhood event today!

2018 Neighbourhood Grant projects

Find out how you can enhance your neighbourhood in 2019 with a Neighbourhood Grant!

Back Alley Beautification

Street surfaces are often grey and dreary. Residents got together to beautify a back roadway in their neighbourhood with the help of the Neighbourhood Grant by painting yellow circles on the alley street surface. This collective effort helped to connect neighbours and transform the alleyway into a bright and welcoming environment.

Belmont Pond Aeration

The 1969 development of Fairview Par 3 gold course included using a pond on the property for irrigating the course. Since the closure of the golf course, the pond has not been aerated, which has caused eutrophication. Residents and community organizations collaborated to install several pond aerators to save this valuable neighbourhood amenity and the diverse wildlife it supports. Willowstone Academy students will continue to monitor the water quality and pond life as part of an ongoing science project.

Creative Neighbourhood Gathering

East Kelowna residents hosted a community celebration that brought neighbours together through the process of art, music and food. An artist helped residents paint a tile with alcohol paint, reflecting their own experiences, diversities and memories of growing up in the community of East Kelowna. The tiles were joined and framed to create one large mosaic that is proudly placed in the South East Kelowna Community Hall. This project was a unique opportunity for neighbourhood residents of all ages and diversities to connect through the art of storytelling.

Ethel Corridor Little Free Library

A little free library was hand built, painted and stocked by residents in a downtown Kelowna neighbourhood. Neighbours celebrated the grand opening of the little library with a barbeque, music, good conversations and helped by donating books towards the project.

Fascieux Creek Walking Path

This project involved removing the aging pergola at the creek and replacing it with a donated bench. It also consisted of removing unleveled bricks, repacking the walkway and re-laying the bricks to complete the project. This project helped make the area more accessible and safe for all residents and visitors.

McKinley Landing Residents Association Community Post

Residents refurbished the existing community board in the McKinley Landing neighbourhood. A corkboard was installed for residents to post notices and a white board was installed so that the neighbourhood association could provide notices for residents. Directors of the association alert residents to safety, water quality and meeting notices.

Pleasantvale Garden

Residents of Pleasantvale worked together to enhance the garden in their complex. Planters with flowers were put together to brighten up areas around benches and other common gathering areas. Residents also put together a butterfly garden and planted various shrubs and plants throughout the garden - all contributing towards a beautiful garden for many to enjoy!

Wilden Fence

Residents worked with the City and Wilden developments to rebuild a major fence that was blown down by a windstorm. The fence is a sound, privacy and security barrier as well a significant aesthetic component of their neighbourhood. Neighbours worked together to stain all the fence panels and posts.

2018 Neighbourhood Events

Discover some of the exciting events Kelowna residents held in 2018. Find out how to host your own in 2019!

Coronation Avenue Spring Cleanup

With the help of the Strong Neighbourhoods and Adopt-a-Road program, a group of residents organized a neighbourhood clean up. Neighbours picked up garbage and other refuse along the streets, sidewalks and back alleys in the neighbourhood. Their initiative was celebrated with a neighbourhood event, which included snacks, refreshments and activities for neighbours to enjoy. 

Calmels Crescent Block Party

A Block Watch Captain organized a gathering with neighbours to discuss ongoing neighbourhood safety concerns. Neighbours brought their own chairs, tables and food while City staff brought games for the neighbourhood kids to enjoy. 


Friends and residents of the Abbott Street Heritage Conservation Area Society (FRAHCAS) put together a barbeque for their neighbours. This was a great opportunity to increase awareness of the heritage conservation area and for neighbours to hear about other projects happening in their neighbourhood.

Gordon Drive Block Party

This block party was planned to help introduce new families to the neighbourhood. The Strong Neighbourhood team helped make the introductions easier by providing name tags and games that involved multiple people.

Lombardy Block Party

The Lombardy Block Party continues to grow in this community each year. For this 6th annual block party, over 200 neighbours got to socialize, enjoy activities, games, great food, music and even a piñata! 

Pearson Road Block Party

Before the block party, the Pearson Road neighbourhood hosted shoveling events to support their elderly neighbours. Since that event, the neighbourhood has also created a walking school bus group. This block party further helped neighbours get to know one another. Whether it’s a boost, or borrowing a cup of sugar, they now have the connections to approach one another for help.

Rockcliffe Block Party

Rowcliffe Avenue was transformed into Rockcliff Avenue for one evening as the street was treated to live music performed by various local bands. Neighbours enjoyed tunes while dancing, got interactive with ‘get to know you’ games and savored delicious food. The event was a rocking good time!

Vaudeville in the Park

A Vaudeville themed evening filled with live music and short films provided by Emily Carr students. Neighbours dressed up in Vaudeville-themed outfits and enjoyed watching the various showcased forms of local talent.