Kelowna Talks EP18 - Making sense of the new Zoning Bylaw

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Kelowna Talks


Oct 20, 2022

Neighbourhoods don’t happen by chance. How private and public land is used within a city is determined by a Zoning Bylaw, dividing the city into distinct areas and with permitted uses. As an example, compare the layout of a home and how it fits together — a bathroom in the middle of a living room is the wrong fit.  Zoning ensures land use such as where industrial parks can locate, where carriage homes can be built, and that amenities like schools and grocery stores are built close to residential neighbourhoods. 

The City recently updated its Zoning Bylaw after more than two decades. Kelowna has changed a lot over that time and zoning should reflect the growing community. What does it mean for the average property owner? Do you know what you can and cannot build on your own property or what may be coming to a street near you? In this week's episode, host Bob Evans talks to City Planners Adam Cseke and Barbara Crawford on the changes. 

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