Urban centres

We have a number of policies that focus attention on Urban Centres. The Official Community Plan (OCP) identifies five urban centres that are expected to accommodate roughly 40 per cent of future growth. The Urban Centres Map highlights the boundaries of City Centre (Downtown), South Pandosy, Midtown, Capri / Landmark and Rutland.

The OCP describes urban centres as vibrant, pedestrian friendly areas with access to amenities and a mix of land uses within close proximity. The goal of encouraging development in the five urban centres aligns with the City's efforts to contain urban growth and encourage sustainable development.

To support the implementation of the five urban centres designated in the OCP, the City has developed the Urban Centres Roadmap. The Roadmap builds consensus on the key ingredients of successful urban centres that will be prioritized through future urban centre planning, development review, and capital planning processes. The Urban Centres Roadmap report was adopted by Council in July 2016 and will be used as a guide by staff, Council and the community in the preparation of urban centre plans in the coming years.

Other planning efforts to support urban centre revitalization include:

  • The Civic Block Plan to guide development and civic investment in the civic and cultural heart of Downtown (endorsed in March 2016)
  • The Bernard Avenue Revitalization project to revitalize Kelowna's premier downtown retail corridor (completed in 2014)
  • A new Downtown Plan to provide detail on the proposed direction for continued redevelopment in the downtown area (endorsed in February 2012)

If you are looking to develop a project in an urban centre we have a range of incentives available to you, including:

  • DCC exemptions for micro suites in urban centres
  • Revitalization Tax exemptions for mixed-use projects in the Downtown and Rutland Urban Centres
  • Revitalization tax exemptions for purpose-built rental housing in all five urban centres