Highlights of May 13 Council meeting

May 14, 2024

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Council Highlights

2023 Financial Health Indicators  Financial Services presented a report on key financial performance indicators and the overall financial health of the City for the year ended 2023.   Read report to Council    Options to Address Construction Noise  The Office of the City Clerk presented options to address construction noise by adjusting construction noise times and the noise variance procedure. Council directed staff to prepare the necessary bylaw amendments in accordance with Option 1.  Read report to Council    Kelowna Heritage Conservation Area Review: Phase 1 and 2 Results and Next Steps  City of Kelowna’s Policy & Planning Department presented a report to Council outlining findings from a review of Kelowna’s Heritage Conservation Areas. Council directed staff to proceed with Phase 3 of the Kelowna Heritage Conservation Area Review. Review the engagement summary. Read report to Council    To watch a playback of the Council meeting and view all presentations, visit “Past Meetings” at kelowna.ca/council