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Aug 14, 2023

Bringing People Together through Kelowna’s Newest Waterfront Park

No one is ever ready to end their summer. Sunglasses, shorts and sundresses, relaxing walks by the water, cruising away across the lake – it is always tough to let go of the sunny season. As you head out and keep enjoying the lazy days of summer, make sure to check out Kelowna’s newest  Waterfront Park at the corner of Cedar Avenue and Abbott Street.  

Exciting features await such as an urban beach area where you can readily choose your spot and bask under the sun. Check out the fog misting stations equipped with motion-activated lights, making the sensory experience even more remarkable at night. There are basketball hoops, picnic areas, benches and lounge chairs, and pedestrian promenades and pathways. Fur babies are always welcome to join the fun. Bonding with family and friends is even more special with the vast open space that boasts 900-feet of lakeshore and multiple amenities made available for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Experience a vibrant space by day that seamlessly transitions to a quite calming ambience at night. 

The masterfully planned park was designed to accommodate paddle boarding and kayaking. A public pier with a gangway, a floating dock complete with handrails, to create a space that is accessible and inclusive for all ages and abilities. Creating well-designed, vibrant public spaces for the community to converge and enjoy is a mission that Kelowna takes to heart. The City constantly finds creative ways to collaborate with strategic partners who closely align with its overall vision and bring them to life. The investment in this park project was $7.9 million, which includes a grant of $750,000 from the Government of Canada through PacifiCan’s Canada Community Revitalization Fund, and $390,925 from the Government of B.C.’s Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure program. The funds were allocated to support accessibility and inclusivity features such as the floating dock and kayak launch, an accessible paddle and foot-wash station, and an elevated pier, the pier handrails and paddle buoys. 

Make the most out of the summer season. Do not miss connecting and converging, gathering with friends and family; go and meet the rest of the community in the newest park in town.

Kelowna has over 200 parks, beaches, and green spaces around the city for everyone to experience and enjoy. For those looking for new or more grounds and trails to explore, visit kelowna.ca/parks and kelowna.ca/hiddengems.  


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