City of Kelowna fuels opportunity for Okanagan College students

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Nov 9, 2023

Driving success for future generations 

The City of Kelowna is contributing in a unique way to future skilled workers in our community by donating a garbage truck to Okanagan College. The truck will be used as a training tool for students in the Okanagan College Trade Apprenticeship program. 

"We are very grateful to the City of Kelowna for this generous donation, which will enhance the learning experience of our students and prepare them for the workforce," said Steve Moores, Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship at Okanagan College. "This dump truck will provide hands-on opportunities for students to work on a modern vehicle with advanced technology and features."  

The truck reached the end of its service life and was officially handed over to the Okanagan College in September. 

A win-win situation for the community 

The donation of the dump truck is part of the City's ongoing partnership with Okanagan College, which aims to support the development of skilled tradespeople in the region. The City of Kelowna recognizes the importance of preparing students and the next generation with the expertise they need to maintain the City’s infrastructure and services.  

Scott Hoekstra, Manager, Landfill & Composing Operations, City of Kelowna, explains that “we’re facing a shortage of skilled tradespeople, and we know that this donation will help the college prepare students to hit the ground running when they graduate and go on to fill important roles to keep the city running smoothly.”  

For the students the donation is a game changer, providing valuable experience with large machinery.  As Markus, a student at the Okanagan College in the Heavy Mechanical Foundations program says, “It is a really cool truck to work on. After I graduate, I plan to work at a truck shop so getting to know these types of hydraulic systems will prepare me for equipment I hope to work on in the future.” This collaboration not only recycles a piece of the City of Kelowna’s infrastructure but will enrich the lives and education of students who will provide services and safety to our future community. 

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