A healthy housing supply is fundamental to the economic and social well-being of a community. The OCP identifies housing as one of the ten goals for creating a sustainable future:

2.  Address Housing Needs of All Residents. Address housing needs of all residents by working towards an adequate supply of a variety of housing. 

Determining future housing needs, providing supporting infrastructure, and appropriately directing development are key municipal responsibilities. Defining appropriate densities for various neighbourhoods and then prescribing housing forms accordingly are very key areas where we influence the housing supply. Policies in the OCP and the Healthy Housing Strategy guide housing development in Kelowna.

Prior to developing the Healthy Housing Strategy, the City completed a Housing Needs Assessment which paints a picture of Kelowna today, in the short‐term, and long‐term (2040) in order to understand what our housing needs are today and how they may shift over time. This Housing Needs Assessment built an important foundation for action – a strong base of knowledge contributes to robust and appropriate strategies and actions that seek to have real, measurable and positive impacts on our housing challenges. 

Several incentives are available for developments that align with the City's housing priorities, including purpose-built rental housing.