Agriculture plan

Agriculture is historically significant in Kelowna, shaping both its development pattern and its economy.  Further, agricultural land plays an essential role in improving the quality of life of residents, offers an aesthetically diverse landscape, is an essential part of the green infrastructure (retaining rainwater, preventing flooding, and recharging aquifers), and ensures food security.  An Agriculture Plan focuses on a community's farm area to discover practical solutions to challenges, identify opportunities to strengthen farming and ultimately contribute to agriculture and the community's long-term sustainability. 

Council recently endorsed a new Agriculture Plan to provide clear direction for the 55 per cent of the land base zoned for agriculture (almost 12,000ha of which 8,600ha is in the Agriculture Land Reserve).   Recommended actions highlight opportunities that the City can achieve through the Plan's implementation strategy.  Ultimately, the Agriculture Plan, provides clear policies that serve to protect and promote agriculture while preserving the character of the City of Kelowna and to meet the vision of:

Kelowna is a resilient, diverse, and innovative agricultural community that celebrates farming and values farmland and food producers as integral to our healthy food system, economy and culture.

Two companion documents support the Plan:

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