Bertram Pedestrian Overpass

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Project overview
The Bertram Pedestrian Overpass will create a new comfortable, accessible and reliable connection over Highway 97 for people walking and bicycling. It will link growing neighborhoods on the south side of Highway 97 to Downtown and, in the future, to the surrounding active transportation network. This new connection will improve access to parks, employment, transit, businesses, services and amenities for people working and living on both sides of Highway 97. 
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Project scope
The overpass will extend between Bertram Street in downtown Kelowna and connect to Rowcliffe Park via the Central Green residential development. The project includes the design and construction of a multi-use overpass, including the main bridge span, approach ramps and integration into adjacent streets.
Overpass construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2024 and take 10 months to complete.
Project benefits
Currently, available pedestrian crossings near this section of Highway 97 are road-level crosswalks at Richter and Ellis streets. The pedestrian overpass will:

  • Provide a more comfortable highway crossing for people walking, biking and rolling.
  • Improve the connectivity of Kelowna's active transportation network.
  • Improve access to downtown.
  • Support a balanced transportation network 
  • Improve access to Highway 97 RapidBus stops.

The overpass has been designed to be comfortable, accessible and reliable. The design considers consultation with Interested Parties and technical requirements such as vertical clearance, slope and grade, accessibility, site limitations, traffic sightlines, and crime prevention through environmental design.
Construction impacts
Construction activities are anticipated to occur in 2024. Residents, businesses and others impacted by construction will be provided with notice in advance. 
The $12.1 million project is being funded in partnership between the City of Kelowna, the Government of Canada through the Canada Community Building Fund administered by UBCM, and the Province of BC through the Growing Communities Fund.