Protect your home’s water meter from the cold

January 15, 2024

Public Service Announcement

With the recent record-breaking cold, the City of Kelowna is reminding homeowners to take the necessary steps to protect their water meters and pipes from the cold.  

While it is the City’s responsibility to read and maintain water meters, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to protect them from the elements. Water meters measure the amount of water used by the home and are usually located directly after the main water-shut off and before the valve for outside irrigation.  Homeowners who have water meters located in a basement or crawl space, under a mobile home, or along an outside wall should take extra precautions during cold snaps like we are currently experiencing. If these areas are not well-insulated or heated, the meter and pipes may freeze and crack, causing leaks and potential flooding when they thaw.  

To protect your water meter and pipes from freezing, follow these tips: 

  • Insulate around the water meter and exposed pipes. This could be fiberglass or foam insulation, application of heat tape / cable, or even a blanket or old towel.  
  • Keep the area around the water meter and pipes warm by opening cabinet doors, closing crawl space vents, sealing cracks and holes, and using a space heater if necessary. 
  • If you have a water meter under a mobile home, install a proper skirting around the base of the home and insulate the underside of the floor. 
  • Check your water meter and pipes regularly for signs of frost or ice buildup. If you notice any problems, call a plumber as soon as possible. 
  • If you are going away for an extended period of time, have someone check on your property regularly, as required by your home insurance, and leave your home’s thermostat set to at least 16 C.  

By taking these simple precautions, you can help avoid costly repairs and water damage to your property and help conserve water in our community. To learn more about your water meter, visit