Parking ban on snow routes lifted

December 8, 2021

News release

The parking ban put into effect for snow route areas on Dec.6 has been lifted. Residents are still strongly encouraged to refrain from parking vehicles on the road when it snows as it helps plows clear from curb to curb safely and efficiently.  

Residents can find out if parking bans are in effect by:   

The city clears and de-ices municipal streets including snow routes by their priority classification. Priority one includes high-traffic roads such as Gordon Drive. Priority two includes collector roads such as Richter Street, bus routes, school zones, town centres and emergency vehicle stations. Priority three includes local roads in neighbourhoods and priority four includes remaining lanes. Highway 97 (Harvey Avenue) and Highway 33 are maintained by the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. 

A big thank you to all residents for their cooperation during this snowfall event.

For more information about snow routes and snow removal including maps, please visit