New sidewalk on Richter provides safety for pedestrians, motorists

May 31, 2021


Beginning June 1, through to June 15, crews will be installing an interim sidewalk on Richter Street between Vaughn and Recreation avenues. Access to businesses will be maintained and two-way traffic will continue with intermittent single lane alternating traffic at times.   

This pilot project will use asphalt and traffic barriers as a quick-build strategy  to construct this sidewalk. Quick-build strategies combine interim materials within existing street space, with limited new construction, to deliver projects faster and at a lower cost.  Over the long-term, ultimate infrastructure is expected with future redevelopment of the neighbourhood. However, this quick-build approach allowed the City to address existing issues faster. 

“This section of Richter Street has seen a transition over the last number of years and is becoming busier with existing and emerging businesses as well as nearby recreation facilities,” said Chad Williams with the City of Kelowna. “This has resulted in a mix of traffic and with more people walking, biking and driving. A sidewalk will provide a safer space for people to walk as the area gets busier. As the larger area continues to develop the City is looking to develop long term plans on how to accommodate growth and long term infrastructure. In the interim, this quick build asphalt sidewalk project provides a cost-effective solution to address recent growth.” 

This $90,000 project will also address existing safety and operational challenges by formalizing parking in the area.  As this is an arterial roadway, cars will be required to parallel park and parking will be restricted within transit stops. Parking on Recreation, Baillie, Gaston and Vaughn avenues will remain available for the public. 

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