Improving out-of-sight infrastructure

April 22, 2021

News Release

Every year the City spends millions of dollars on building and improving existing infrastructure. Most of it will be in plain sight, like bridges and parks, but there is also a lot that happens out of sight, like new utility systems and drainage improvements.  

“The City has more than 1,500 kilometres of utility pipeline running under city streets, bringing clean water to homes and businesses, taking dirty water away and collecting and cleaning storm water,” said Brian Beach, Infrastructure Manager. “This integral system often needs upgrades to expand the system or replace old pipes.” This year the City is spending close to $65 million, including carryovers from last year, on infrastructure improvements and additions.  

Utility maintenance projects includes upgrading sewer mains in the downtown area. Many of these pipes were built with asbestos cement and have become brittle. City crews will be replacing cast iron pipes with P.V.C. piping.  

Another important out-of-sight project is the Chichester forebay treatment in Rutland. Crews will be installing a sediment trap on the storm sewer to reduce siltation of Chichester Pond, which can have a negative impact on wildlife living in the wetland there.  

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