City facilities and services available to help you keep cool

July 8, 2024

With heat warnings in effect across the Okanagan, Kelowna residents and visitors seeking temporary relief from extreme heat can visit a variety of indoor and outdoor locations throughout the city to stay cool and beat the heat.

You can visit any public City facility during operating hours to find relief from the heat throughout the summer months including recreation and activity centres or a local library. Many Kelowna parks and green spaces offer shade where temperatures can be lower than homes without air conditioning. 

View our Parks & Beaches map to find parks near you, or visit one of our three waterparks to help stay cool:

  • City Park Waterpark (1600 Abbott Street) 
  • Ben Lee Waterpark (900 Houghton Road)  
  • Quilchena Splash Park (347 Quilchena Drive) 

You can also take indoor breaks by visiting a local restaurant, museum, art gallery, movie theatre or Orchard Park shopping centre. To ensure that transportation is not a barrier to keeping cool at this time, transit will be waived within the City of Kelowna – just make sure to indicate to the driver you are travelling to a place to cool down.

Free outdoor recreation events are not currently impacted by the Heat Warning. Participants in registered programs will be notified directly should there be any changes to registered programs. 

Now is a great time to ensure you and your loved ones have a plan for how to stay cool. Use the Prepared BC Extreme Heat Preparedness Guide for tips and resources to stay cool during extreme heat.

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