Fred Macklin and Sarah Donalda-Treadgold Memorial Award - Citizen of the Year

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Fred Macklin served Kelowna in many ways throughout his life.  He was the secretary treasurer of School District #23 from 1956 to 1974 and from 1976 to 1984 he was a City of Kelowna Alderman.  Fred Macklin was also seconded by the Ministry of Education to consult on education finance for two years.  He was chairman of many organizations including the Kelowna Parks and Recreation Committee, Labour Relations Board, the City Transit Management Committee and the BC Transit Council of BC.  He was also Director and Chairman of the Public Employees Council of BC.  Fred also served as the Honorary Treasurer of the Okanagan Regional Library Board. Fred passed away in 1984.

Sarah Donalda Treadgold was an active and conscientious volunteer who understood the value and importance of working for the community.  She was deeply interested in education and initially volunteered for many years on Kelowna Elementary School's P.T.A.  She was encouraged to run for the office of school trustee in 1924 and topped the polls in every election for the next 23 years.  Sarah was unassuming and definitely not looking for glory or trying to gain popularity.  She was a loving mother with good ideas and the passion to stand up for what she believed - much like the other women who have been and will be honoured with the Sarah Donalda Treadgold Memorial Award.

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to a man or woman in recognition of their outstanding voluntary contributions and community service to the city of Kelowna. Activities may be related to arts and culture, business, commerce, education, humanities, medical and recreation.
  • Selections are based on the nominee's achievements and contributions throughout 2019.
  • Past volunteer information may be included, but the nomination should focus on the current award year.  
  • Nominees must not have personally benefited from their activities, nor should the contributions be considered part of their normal employment or job responsibilities.

2018 Fred Macklin Memorial Award Recipient

Giuseppe (Joe) Iafrancesco

Already a two-time finalist for this award in 1989 and 2000, Giuseppe (Joe) Iafrancesco was on par with volunteering the equivalent of last year’s approximate 1650 volunteer hours when he received a life threatening cancer diagnosis in May. Even then, while cancer may have slowed him down, he did not completely stop.

Joe’s biggest passion was the Kelowna Canadian Italian Club. He served as President for a total of 17 years, right up until his passing in November. He was also an active member and volunteer with the Knights of Columbus, the Morningside Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Congress of Italian Canadians, the Columbus Holding Society and throughout his lifetime volunteered with more than 20 other organizations and events including Folkfest, the Uptown Rutland Business Association, the Downtown Kelowna Association, Orchard City Lions and the BC Summer Games.

Joe was honoured with a number of awards, some of which included the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, Volunteer of the Year Award with Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers, the Multicultural Society’s Someone Special Award and the Ben Lee Park Society’s Appreciation Certificate, just to name a few.

When earthquakes hit Italy on two separate occasions, Joe helped raise over $25,000 through the Italian Club to send to relief efforts.

Always the one to inject something unique into a project, Joe personally donated a wheelbarrow full of pennies to the KGH Foundation JoeAnna’s House to show how ‘every cent counts’. Joe touched many lives over the years and will continue to do so thanks to an additional substantial donation he and his wife Bianca, made, just days before he passed, to the KGH Cancer Fund and JoeAnna’s House.

It would take a mathematician to tally the volunteer hours Joe amassed during his lifetime or the number of lives he touched, but the 850 hours he contributed in 2018 while terminally sick, shows the commitment he had for this community and the legacy he leaves behind.


2018 Sarah Donalda Treadgold Memorial Award Recipient Woman of the Year

Angie Lohr

The name Angie means Angel, and for the countless number of women whose lives she has helped turnaround, the definition rings true. In 2008, Angie founded Helping Out People Exploited or HOPE Outreach as it has become known. As President, she has helped to grow HOPE’s volunteer team to 100 members, offering nightly outreach on the streets 365 days a year.

In 2018, Angie left her full time job and donated an average of 1,500 hours to volunteering, educating and training new volunteers, doing committee work and speaking at events. Her education includes raising awareness about the pressing social issues of homelessness, addiction, mental health, exploitation, safety, recovery and healing; and how Kelowna can work towards meaningful change to address the needs of its diverse citizens.

She has openly shared the story of her own journey overcoming homelessness, exploitation and addiction to help create awareness and advocate change for the homeless, exploited and vulnerable. From humble beginnings as a two-woman initiative to a grassroots group to becoming a registered charity, Angie’s vision and leadership has changed and saved the lives of many.

Angie helped increase the role and presence of HOPE’s Narcan team, who distribute naloxone kits to those on the streets and who are trained in overdose prevention. She gained national presence as a key member volunteering alongside the Winnipeg based Clan Mothers’ Foundation, which aims to connect resources and advocacy for marginalized Indigenous Women.

From 2010 to 2017, she helped raise funds and operate the House of HOPE, a low barrier safe house for women committed to recovery, which saw over 350 women receive assistance through providing a safe space, counselling and therapy programs. One could say Angie is an Angel of Hope.


Past Recipients of Fred Macklin Memorial Award
  • 2017 - Peter Boyd
  • 2016 - Gary Benson
  • 2015 - Raghwa Gopal
  • 2014 - David Krysko
  • 2013 - Sean Pihl
  • 2012 - Ken Thompson
  • 2011 - Paul Nesbitt
  • 2010 - Thomas Budd
  • 2009 - Vern Neilson
  • 2008 - Ron Rubadeau
  • 2007 - Walter Gray
  • 2006 - Ian Graham
  • 2005 - Steve Tuck
  • 2004 - Ken Campbell
  • 2003 - Mel Kotler
  • 2002 - Clarence Johnson
  • 2001 - Peter Nahirnak
  • 2000 - Walter Hut/Bren Witt
  • 1999 - Tom Smithwick
Past Recipients of Sarah Donalda-Treadgold Memorial Award
  • 2017 - Catherine Williams
  • 2016 - Kelly Taverner
  • 2015 - Lorena Mead
  • 2014 - Meryle Corbett
  • 2013 - Rose Sexsmith
  • 2012 - Shaun Bos
  • 2011 - Marie Ablett 
  • 2010 - Julie Wambeke
  • 2009 - Mohini Singh
  • 2008 - Allison McNeill
  • 2007 - Jane Fletcher
  • 2006 - Lorraine McGrath
  • 2005 - Wendy Falkowski
  • 2004 - Linda Woods
  • 2003 - Beryl Itani
  • 2002 - Beryl Baldeo
  • 2001 - Frances Klassen
  • 2000 - Shirley Jensen/Sunny Hildebrant
  • 1999 - Margaret Caley

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