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2020 Bob Giordano Memorial Award Recipient

2020 Coach of the Year winner

Meghan Faust

Meghan Faust is a beloved basketball coach and mentor at Okanagan Mission Secondary who works tirelessly for her teams. 

Meghan has put in thousands of volunteer hours planning practices, coming up with bonding activities, providing written feedback and creating a true sense of community among her teams. Even in 2020 amid numerous restrictions in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, this coach got creative finding unique ways to continue to motivate and inspire her players.  Meghan has helped develop confident, responsible and respectful young athletes that are ready to take on the world, even during a global pandemic. 

About the award

The name Bob Giordano was synonymous with hockey in the Central Okanagan in the 1950's and 60's.  Giordano wasn't known for his athletic prowess, it was his organizational skills and enthusiasm for the game that made him an indispensable part of the local sporting fabric.  Bob truly loved to share his time and talent with the young people of Kelowna.  

Bob passed away in October 1965.

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to an individual who has contributed significantly to Kelowna through voluntary service to amateur sport, such as coaching or administrative support. 
  • Selections are based on the nominees achievements/contributions for the year 2021.
  • Past information can be included, but should primarily be regarding the current award year.
  • Nominees must no have personally benefitted from their volunteer activities, nor should the contributions be considered part of their normal employment or job responsibilities.
  • Selections are based solely on the information in the completed nomination package.

Nominations for the 47th annual Civic & Community Awards will open in fall 2021. 

Past Recipients of the Award
  • 2019 - Darcy Rysz
  • 2018 - Devin Rubadeau
  • 2017 - Linda McIntosh
  • 2016 - Kendall Gross
  • 2015 - Dennis Richardson
  • 2014 - Tom Maxwell
  • 2013 - Dino Gini
  • 2012 - Hal Hennenfent
  • 2011 - Tony Sodaro
  • 2010 - Terry Britton
  • 2009 - Arnar Bernhardsson
  • 2008 - Dan Wray
  • 2007 - Garth Vickers
  • 2006 - Dave McClellan 
  • 2005 - Jane Fairey 
  • 2004 - Ross Sutcliffe
  • 2003 - Ken Wilson
  • 2002 - Lloyd Nelson
  • 2001 - Jennifer Charles
  • 2000 - Kevin Davies
  • 1999 - Joan Schemley

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