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Augie Ciancone was instrumental in setting up Kelowna's first formal sports and recreation program for youth.  He was an all-around athlete, excelling in gymnastics, lacrosse, boxing and horsemanship.

Augie's greatest gift was his ability and personal desire to encourage the young people of Kelowna to get involved in sports.  He also challenged them to achieve their personal best.  His goal was to turn their lives around by instilling the desire to challenge and achieve personal satisfaction through sports.  

Augie passed away in January of 1952.

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to the most outstanding male high school athlete in the area of the Central Okanagan.
  • Winner is chosen by the Okanagan Central Schools Athletic Association. 

*The School District will not be taking nominations this year due to the shortened 2020 sports season.

2019 Augie Ciancone Memorial Award Male Recipient

Roan McCarthy

Clearly, Roan deserves an award for time management. Despite playing rep hockey and captaining his school’s volleyball and basketball teams, he maintains an 86% average academically. Additionally, he’s a PHE tutor for grade 9s at George Elliot Secondary School and is captain of Team BC’s U18 Volleyball team.

Roan has been awarded the GESS Athlete of the Year for every grade. In volleyball, he was named an All-Star at the provincials three years in a row, leading his team to fourth place this year and finishing second the year before. His school basketball team also finished second at provincials in 2018 and made provincials again in 2019.

Beyond the school walls, Roan has played rep hockey for 12 years. He’s also played volleyball on Team BC for the past three years. As captain of the U18 Team BC Volleyball squad, he helped his team win gold in the 2019 Canada Cup.

Past Recipients of the Award
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  • 2017 - Clarke Larsen
  • 2016 - Fynn McCarthy
  • 2015 - Parker Simson
  • 2014 - Jeff Tubbs
  • 2013 - Josiah Joseph
  • 2012 - Ryan Linttell
  • 2011 - Mitchell Goodwin
  • 2010 - Devin Spence
  • 2009 - Conner Clerke 
  • 2008 - Adam Schwarz
  • 2007 - Lukas Bonnett
  • 2006 - Zack Frehlick
  • 2005 - Quinten Dreger
  • 2004 - Will Dean
  • 2003 - Kyle Murphy
  • 2002 - Jeff Barth
  • 2001 - Dallas Weller
  • 2000 - Troy Doell
  • 1999 - John Rowe