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Imagine Kelowna cover photo overlooking downtown marina


Nov 19, 2021

In 2018, Kelowna was a city in transition. Created with more than 4,000 resident contributions in an 18 month period, Imagine Kelowna is a vision created by our community, for our community, to lead Kelowna into a bright future.

Imagine Kelowna helps to shape priorities and provides a foundation for major City strategies like the Official Community Plan, and serves as an inspiration for others in the community.

In 2040, Kelowna will be a thriving midsized city that welcomes people from all backgrounds. We want to build a successful community that honours our rich heritage and also respects the natural wonders that contribute to our identity.

As a place with deep agricultural roots, Kelowna understands the need to protect our environment, manage growth and be resilient as our future unfolds.

Imagine Kelowna pillars graphic

Each of us has a role to play in making the Imagine Kelowna vision a reality for our community. When you think of the next chapter, how can you help write the story?

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