140 Rutland Rd. On side of Burger Baron building

The Work

Priscilla Yu’s paintings are often colourful mental landscapes that play with the visual cues of perspective, and the familiarity in the patterns that are found within nature on varying scales -- ie. black marks on a cow echo the contours of water masses on a map and share the formation pattern of raindrops on a car window. 'Dreamscape' is an immersive mural with an on-going series of mental landscapes. With the extension of the mural from the vertical walls onto the ground, observers are placed in a personal relation to the mental landscape. Yu says, "I hope that people interact with it in a playful way, walking onto the painted ground, and ponder their scale and place in the universe".

The Project

The Uptown Mural Project was a community-inclusive and educative urban-art initiative within the community of Rutland, Kelowna BC, organized by Uptown Rutland Business Association. This week-long event centered around the painting large scale urban murals. Each of the mural's locations has been strategically selected creating a short walking tour within the Rutland Business Improvement Area. The goals of this project are driven towards the beautification of Rutland, encouraging community involvement, increasing walkability within the business improvement area, and educating and inspiring youth through contemporary public art. The Uptown Mural Project is proudly supported in part with funding by the City of Kelowna

The Artist

Characteristically vibrant paintings, Priscilla's art is inspired by the perceivable patterns that exist in everyday life through textiles, design, and architecture, as well as nature’s universal patterns on both the larger and microscopic scale. Through abstracted points of perspective and a geometric language, she creates worlds that dwell in a strange gravity mixed with personal symbology. Her process often employs stylistic constraints as a means to draw out imagery from her subconscious.