164 Rutland Rd. On side of K9 grooming bldg. Faces south towards Burger Baron building

The Work

Mashed up urban/city elements and natural/organic elements create the piece. Bright abstract shapes and splashes are the representation of people’s energy and diversity/chaos in urban life. Those urban/city elements assemble into organic shapes of local BC wild animals.

The Project

The Uptown Mural Project was a community-inclusive and educative urban-art initiative within the community of Rutland, Kelowna BC, organized by Uptown Rutland Business Association. This week-long event centered around the painting large scale urban murals. Each of the mural's locations has been strategically selected creating a short walking tour within the Rutland Business Improvement Area. The goals of this project are driven towards the beautification of Rutland, encouraging community involvement, increasing walkability within the business improvement area, and educating and inspiring youth through contemporary public art. The Uptown Mural Project is proudly supported in part with funding by the City of Kelowna

The Artist

Taka was born and raised in Tokyo, now residing in British Columbia. He likes to take influences from a totally different environment to create a unique style of artwork, but the most powerful and true inspiration is meeting people with amazing creativity from all over the world. Scattered abstract elements composed of neon color, neutral color, subtle lines and bald paint strokes etc assemble into organic shapes, to find out strong true energy among real and unreal. Those scattered various elements in abstraction are the representation of our environment, existence, daily life, current affairs, information, and each person’s passion, energy etc. "Through the chaos in my artworks I wish people can find their own neutral spot. I hoped to create a mural for people in Rutland to find their own dynamo to start a bright day with beautiful people".