Male Athlete of the Year Award

Award Criteria

  • Awarded to the male athlete (amateur or professional) who brought the greatest amount of recognition to Kelowna.
  • Include Provincial, National and World Ranking if applicable.
  • Selections are based on the nominees achievements for the year 2017.
  • Past information (awards and achievements) may be included, but should be primarily regarding the current award year.
  • Finalist selections are based solely on the information in the completed package.

2016 Male Athlete of the Year Award Recipient

Rostam Turner

The Capital News Reporter Warren Henderson wrote, "In 2016, it seemed the sky was the limit for Rostam Turner" but clearly, not even the sky could hold back this Kelowna decathlete as he threw javelins and discus, then soared himself up into it in pole vau lt, gaining personal bests at each competition throughout the season.

The 2016 round of competitions for Rostam began with a big track meet in California, where he racked up seven personal bests in all ten events to finish with 7,466 points. Three weeks l ater, representing Team Canada, the nationally fourth-ranked athlete ran, jumped, hurdled and tossed his way into winning the silver medal at the Pan American Cup in Ottawa with another personal best score of 7,565 points.

Saving his best for last, Rostam then went on to the North American Central American and Caribbean Track and Field Championship where he capped off the season by winning gold, setting both an NACAC U23 record and another personal best.

A KSS graduate, Rostam is currently attending Univ ersity of Toronto, where he also competes with the Varsity Blues track and field team.

Past Recipients of the Award
  • 2015 - Will Dean
  • 2014 - Robbie Yochim
  • 2013 - Alex Hart
  • 2012 - Rostam Turner
  • 2011 - Keefer Joyce
  • 2010 - Dan Crockett 
  • 2009 - Daniel Brown
  • 2008 - Scott Frandsen
  • 2007 - Steve Omischl
  • 2006 - Carlos Guglielmi
  • 2005 - Craig Buntin
  • 2004 - Mervin Watson
  • 2002 - Clayton Miller
  • 2001 - Rob Friend
  • 2000 - Aaron David
  • 1999 - Conrad Leinemann