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Imagine Kelowna

A new community vision

The world, including Kelowna, is changing in ever-faster and unpredictable ways. If we want our community to thrive in this chaotic world, we need to be bold an unafraid to do things differently than we have in the past.

The result of an unprecedented level of community engagement, Imagine Kelowna is a long-term community vision for building a prosperous and sustainable city in the face of an uncertain future. 

Building on the themes that emerged from more than 4,000 resident contributions, Imagine Kelonwa was shaped in 2017 through a mix of workshops, stakeholder presentations, community enves and a community forum. The first draft was presented to Council in December.

The vision identifies our community’s core values, principles and goals and should guide what we do at the City of Kelowna. We need to be innovative, more collaborative and open to new ideas.

Find out how we got here, the path moving forward and the partners, agencies, organization and individuals that will help us achieve a new vision to be resilient in times of unprecedented change.

Next steps

Staff presented Imagine Kelowna in its draft form to open houses and presentations to stakeholders in January and will report to Council in mid-March of the outcomes and direct staff to formalize Imagine Kelowna in the spring.