Hadgraft Wilson Place undergoing planned evacuation

March 31, 2024

Hadgraft Wilson Place, located at 1360 Bertram Street, has begun an ordered evacuation of its residents over the next several days. A review of third-party geotechnical and structural engineering reports for the construction on the UBCO downtown site has raised safety concerns about the building.

“Recent assessments have indicated the level of risk is significant enough to begin the evacuation process to ensure the life and safety of occupants,” says Fire Chief Dwight Seymour. “Additionally, due to the shifting in the building, safety features may be compromised in the event of an emergency, creating an additional risk to occupants and first responders.”  

The evacuation will take place over the next three days with support of the City of Kelowna, Pathways Abilities Society and BC Housing. A meeting was held on March 31 to notify building residents about the evacuation and what to expect in the short term.

“We are dedicated to ensuring our tenants receive the support they need during this difficult time,” says Charisse Daley, Executive Director of Pathways Abilities Society. “Pathways will work with each tenant to understand their needs and connect them with resources and accommodations as necessary.”

UBCO has voluntarily suspended construction activities at the downtown Kelowna site until further notice. Engineers will continue to monitor and assess the building and soil movement.

Hadgraft Wilson Place building was opened in June 2023 and welcomed residents to 68 new affordable rental homes. The building was financed by BC Housing and is owned and managed by the Pathways Abilities Society.