Don’t let this opportunity go down the drain: Help decide on a new funding model for stormwater management

March 28, 2024

News Release

As the spring melt approaches, residents are invited to provide their thoughts through an online survey or by attending an open house to help determine how stormwater management is funded now and into the future. The study is being conducted to recommend a predictable and dedicated funding source to support the City’s stormwater management program.  

“Stormwater is the water from rain, melting snow and ice that washes off driveways, parking lots, roads, rooftops and other hard surfaces and if not managed properly, it can cause water quality issues, flooding and erosion,” says Jim Hager, Design Technician. “The City has more than $350 million of engineered stormwater assets. To ensure these systems operate as intended, a stable funding source is required.” 

The goals of the new funding strategy are to protect Okanagan Lake water quality, provide predictable funding, promote good practice stormwater practices, be fair and equitable to ratepayers, and be simple to implement.  

“Property owners currently contribute to stormwater management funding based on the assessed value of their property,” continues Hager. “This means properties that don’t contribute a lot to stormwater issues have sometimes paid the same, or in some cases more, than properties who contribute significantly to stormwater issues. We believe we can do better.” 

The rate options under consideration would be based on the amount of hard (or impervious) surface on private property. Impervious surfaces cause rain and melted snow to runoff quickly into the City’s natural and engineered stormwater system, carrying pollutants with it.  

Residents are encouraged to visit by May 3rd to complete the online survey as well as attend one of three open houses to talk directly with the team involved in managing stormwater.