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Property development projects in Kelowna – such as building a carriage house, rezoning your property, or proposing a new commercial development – have different requirements and processes. The page contains important information about the application process for your proposed development.


Know your role in protecting BC's archaeological sites. If you are planning on developing your property, please review our City of Kelowna Bulletin on Archaeological Sites. Feel free to visit the Province of BC's Archaeology Branch website and review the Property Owner Brochure to learn your responsibilities as a property owner.

Bulletin - Archaeological Sites

Determining your application requirements
Application types

There are various types of property development applications, and they all have unique requirements. Learn more about the types of development projects below and click on a header to visit that overview page.


Application fees are listed in our Development Application Fees Bylaw and change annually. Depending on your proposal, there may be other costs associated such as building permits, development cost charges and servicing fees. Other agencies - such as FortisBC, your water provider, or the BC Safety Authority – may also charge fees related to your application.

Before you apply
Pre-application meetings

Click here for detailed information on the Pre-application process. 

Speak to your neighbours

Speaking to your neighbours early and often is important when you are proposing a new development. They may have ideas about the proposal, offer their support or share concerns that could be addressed. Learn about the 25 ways to be a good neighbour.

Preparing & submitting your application

Applications can be submitted with payment to the Application Centre on the second floor of City Hall. Please review the requirements listed on the application form relevant to your proposal to ensure that you’re submitting a complete application – see a list of application forms below.

Application forms

Once you’ve determined which type of application you need to apply for, submit the relevant application form and all required documents as per the links below:

After you apply

Once your completed application is submitted, you will be assigned a file manager who will work to process your application. Incomplete applications will cause delays. Simple applications that don't require Council consideration can be processed  on a shorter timeline, whereas more complex applications that require Council consideration will take longer to process. Your file manager will be able to provide you with more information about application timelines.