BC Building Code changes & schedules

 BC Building Code Changes

To learn more about the BC Building Code changes that came into effect Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, please check out our 2024 BC Building Codes Changes Bulletin and visit the Province of British Columbia's Building Codes and Standards page.

The codes establish minimum standards for health, safety, accessibility, energy, fire and structural protection of buildings. They also address water efficiency and protection of buildings from fire, water and sewer damage. The building and plumbing codes apply throughout the Province of BC, except for the City of Vancouver. Codes can be obtained in hard copy or online subscription from BC Publications by visiting www.bcpublications.ca or www.bccodes.ca or call 1-800-663-6105 for information.


If you are building in Kelowna, you will have to complete some of the Schedules listed below. For more information and to learn which apply for you, check out the Apply for a building permit page and navigate to the specific building permit type for your project.

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